By: Brian Evans

Already, the terrorist regime in Iran has repeatedly proven to be just that ‘A TERRORIST NATION’, as well as a ‘STATE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM’ around the globe! Now, they have threatened to not just attack, but step up their attacks on American troops, as well as American citizens! However, even before the President took out the terrorist Soleimani, the sick terrorist had killed more than 600 American soldiers, and at least one United States citizen, likely more!

Then, media outlets on the right and left reported how at the services for Soleimani, the Iranians offered an $80 Million dollar bounty on the President, for anyone who brings them President Trump’s head!

Via: Hanif Jazayeri.

Now, if that wasn’t bad enough, radical pro-Communist leftists in Hollywood are saying ONLINE that they will kill the President for half that amount! For example, George Lopez told the Iranians on Instagram that he would assasinate the President for half that amount, and offered to do it for $40 Million!

Breitbart News found the post and reported that…

Later on Sunday far left “comedian” George Lopez volunteered to assassinate Trump for half the $80 million.

This isn’t funny.

Lopez made the comments on Instagram.
And, as of 9 AM Monday morning, the comments were still posted on Instagram.

If Lopez was a Trump supporter he would have been banned hours ago.
But his threat to kill the US president is still posted for all to see!

Sadly, while the terrorists in the world chant “Death to America”, Hollywood Elites are offering their help and services!

To make matters worse, we have radicals on the left who are doing anything and everything in their power to undermine President Trump, further undermining United States interests, and making Soleimani into some sort of Martyr, even though he was a sick, satan-driven coward of a man! A man who has left death and sorrow in his wake, driven by his illogical and hate-driven radical agenda, and all while Pelosi and her Marxist-driven left do everything in their power to remove President Trump, simply because he has done what he promised the American people, worked to secure our border and make our nation safer, defended Constitutional principles and freedoms, and brought Americans out of poverty and despair, as he made our economy great again!