By: Brian Evans

On Wednesday late-night television, just hours after his Party’s impeachment vote against President Trump, Adam Schiff appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show and began claiming new investigations that he and his party are delving into, as this time their target isn’t President Trump, but instead Vice President Mike Pence!

In fact, Schiff announced that the Democrats are now going after the Vice President next, and once again claimed to have “acquired evidence” that the Vice President is hiding information in regards to the Ukraine investigation that the House has been doing!

Schiff stated…

Well, we have acquired a piece of evidence, classified by Jennifer Williams, something she alluded to in her open testimony. Then going back and looking through her records she found other information that was pertinent to that phone call that we asked her about and made that submission. There is nothing that is classified in the document but the vice president’s office has said they are going to classify… It is not proper to classify something because it would be embarrassing or incriminating. And that submission does shed light on the vice president’s knowledge. We think the American people should see it.”

Already, Democrats have impeached President Trump in a partisan fashion over political differences, and now that they have done so, Schiff and House Democrats are looking to go after the number two, Vice President Pence. If they were to succeed in removing the President and Vice President, their impeachment ring-leader would take the helm as President of the United States, as they implement their Marxist government, with a Socialist economy!

Ultimately, Schiff hopes that Jennifer Williams, who worked for Vice President Mike Pence could offer them some sort of impeachable information on Trump’s number two! However, in the end, evidence doesn’t seem to matter, being they can just make up their own evidence, in their effort to overthrow our elected leadership, and implement their own government, who serves their collectivist needs, and allows them to eradicate our constitution, as well as, all the rights and freedoms that it bestows upon ‘We the People’ of these United States of America!