By: Brian Evans

As of late, the Democrats have repeatedly struggled to understand why their party has been bleeding support, especially amongst minority Americans. Meanwhile, as they continue to push legislative initiatives that are some of the most radically left-wing, and designed to destroy not only the Middle Class in America but to permanently make an underclass out of those whom they have historically discriminated against, including minority black Americans!

As a result, Breitbart News reported that…

A new announcement from the predominantly black and largest Pentecostal church in the United States and school choice polling data show black voters pulling away from the Democrat Party on two dominant issues in the 2020 elections: abortion and education.

The polls are released as the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), one of the largest historically black Protestant churches in the U.S., announced in November it had unanimously passed a resolution that affirms the value and dignity of all human life and condemns elective abortion.

They cited a report from the Washington Examiner, where Timothy Head, who is the Executive Director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition and Rev. Dean Nelson, Executive Director of Human Coalition Action, where the faith leaders stated

Something remarkable just happened in St. Louis that you probably didn’t hear about. The Church of God in Christ, a seven-million-member black denomination, unanimously passed a historic resolution affirming the value and dignity of every human life and opposing the practice of elective abortion in America.

A key excerpt from the Resolution on the Sanctity of Human Life reads:

COGIC is one of the largest historically black Protestant denominations, which also include the National Baptist Convention, the National Baptist Convention of America, the Progressive National Convention, the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, and the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Like these other groups, COGIC does not have a history of institutional involvement with causes typically associated with the Republican Party. Yet given the direction that abortion policy is moving in this country, its leaders felt compelled to act.

They also noted how the…

COGIC joined with the pro-life Human Coalition to create the Family Life Campaign, a three-year initiative that serves to save babies from abortion.

Already, we reported a few weeks ago how typically in elections, democrats garner more than 90% of the black vote, and if they ever lose more than 18%, it indicates that they will lose the election in monumental proportions! Now, more than two widely-respected polling services, Emerson and Rassmussen, which are considered reputable have indicated that on average, 34% of American blacks are now in support of President Donald Trump and his agenda, and other polls are beginning to show similar outcomes

The Tennessee Star wrote

Two new polls show black support for U.S. Republican President Donald Trump at or slightly above 34 percent, and that means the president could get 20 percent of the black vote next year, an expert said.

Both Emerson and Rasmussen, two well-recognized polling firms, show black support for the president at 34.5 percent and 34 percent, respectively.

Former Nashville mayoral candidate Carol Swain, who is also a former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, said Monday this news will likely impact the 2020 presidential election.

In fact, Swain stated that…

“I believe that if we continue to do what we are doing now, and expand it some, that it would be realistic for the president to expect to receive about 20 percent of the black vote. And if he gets 20 percent of the actual black vote then it would be destructive to the Democratic Party. As a consequence we can expect that they (Democrats) will fight back with more lies and accusations. There is a problem with crying racism all the time and calling the president a white nationalist — it has become like the boy who cried wolf. And they’re constantly throwing it out at people to the point that it’s totally devalued.”

Already, alliances of black voices have formed, as organizations like Blexit (Black Exit From The Democratic Party), and ‘Black Voices for Trump’, which have led a re-alignment of blacks who appear to be shifting for the first time since after the Civil Rights movement back to the Republican Party!

Fox News reported that…

Conservative activist Candace Owens says she wants to “free” black voters from the decades-long grip of the Democratic Party – and is urging them to support a new movement she’s calling “Blexit.”

“Blexit is a Renaissance,” Owens told Fox News, giving the backstory behind the campaign she launched over the weekend. “Blexit is the black exit from the Democratic Party. It’s the black exit from permanent victimhood, the black exit from the false idea that we are somehow separate from the rest of America.”

Turning Point USA director of urban engagement Brandon Tatum (left) with communications director Candace Owens (right). (Christopher Howard/Fox News).

Turning Point USA director of urban engagement Brandon Tatum (left) with communications director Candace Owens (right). (Christopher Howard/Fox News).

Also, Carol Swain told The Tennessee Star…

“I think President Trump has accomplished far more than the average American knows because so much of the press about him is negative. It does not give fair credit for the things he has accomplished in the midst of turmoil. The president has given more than $100 million to historically black colleges and universities, some of which would have closed their doors had it not been for the president’s support. The president’s administration got through criminal justice reform that has benefitted black Americans more than any other group. The black unemployment rate is at its lowest level ever, and it’s particularly impacting black teens because their unemployment rate has been astronomical. If you look at the black unemployment rate it’s just been a steady decline, so there are more black people working today than ever before.”

Rassmussen Reports and Emerson Polling both found that President Trump has the support of 34% of black Americans, and 29% of those black Americans plan to vote for Trump in 2020, a third polling agency, which is known as Marist, found this past week that 33% of non-whites approve of the job Trump is doing, and 29% say they’d “vote for President Trump.”

Ultimately, if President Trump wins 18% of the black vote in America, the Democrats would lose 2020 in a disastrous fashion, and at 25%, it would indicate disastrous consequences for Democrats, likely for decades!  Now, according to three reputable polling outlets, Rassmussen, Emerson, and Marist, they are all finding support for President Trump at an unprecedented 33% to 34%, with 29% indicating 11 months before the election that they plan on voting for President Trump! Combine that with the fact that Hispanic support for President Trump showing strength and continues to grow, Democrats are in electoral trouble!

Interestingly, Carol Swain pointed out how unfairly President Trump has been maligned as President, and attacked as a racist and white nationalist, despite the Democrats previously, throughout Trump’s life heralding him as a respectable leader to the black community! In fact, Swain stated that…

“If you look at the president’s life, he was a Democrat, but no one accused him of racism until he became a Republican. After he became president then he’s (supposedly) a racist, even though the NAACP has given him an award at one point and he was supported by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and many other black leaders. Trump had a close relationship with them until he became a threat as a Republican president.”

However, Bishop Charles blake went on to highlight the increasing problems that have become more and more distinguished between Black Americans and the Democrat Party! In fact, he likened the work of pro-life Christians to Jesus’s command, “Let the little children to come unto me”, as he stated…

We see an escalation in violence around the world that is troubling. Terrorism, racial tension in America, and escalating crime. Indeed, this violence worsens daily as hundreds of thousands of children are snatched from their mothers’ wombs prematurely and killed through abortion.

What we do for the preborn and the born children in our society is our way of showing the Love and Compassion of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, Breitbart added that…

The announcement by COGIC comes as an abortion surveillance report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that, with only 32 areas in the U.S. reporting race and ethnicity data for 2016, when the data was last collected, non-Hispanic black women accounted for 38 percent – the largest percentage of any race/ethnic group – of all abortions in the country.

For example, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) pointed to the…

“comparatively high abortion rates and ratios among non-Hispanic black women have been attributed to higher unintended pregnancy rates and a greater percentage of unintended pregnancies ending in abortion.”

Already, the left-wing Media organizations like the New York Times had warned Democrats that they should not take the black voters for granted, as American blacks had already been shifting away from the Democrat Party to become moderates, as the Party moved ever-increasingly towards the socialist and Marxist agenda, especially in regards to the Democrats policies of abortion and education in America.

Breitbart News also delved into the fact that Black Americans are becoming disenfranchised by the Democrat Party’s educational agenda, as they added that…

Michael points to one national poll, commissioned by the American Federation for Children, advocates for school choice, and conducted by Beck Research, a Democratic polling firm, that found 67 percent of voters support school choice, including 73 percent of Latinos, 67 percent of blacks, and 68 percent of whites.

Another poll released in August by Education Next found black Democrats approve of targeted vouchers, universal vouchers, and charter schools at 70 percent, 64 percent, and 55 percent, respectively, and Hispanic Democrats approve at 67 percent, 60 percent, and 47 percent.

Yet a third poll commissioned by school choice proponents Democrats for Education Reform, and conducted by the Benenson Strategy Group, found 81 percent of Democrat primary voters, including 89 percent of black Democrat primary voters, support a proposal to “expand access to more choices and options within the public-school system,” including charter schools, which are funded with taxpayer dollars but operated by private boards.

Despite these overwhelming numbers in support of school choice in its many forms, Michael observed that “do-nothing Democrats still call the policy racist because they’d rather that public school teachers win with lifetime employment while black children lose with a lifetime of underperformance and missed dreams.”

Ultimately, the Democrats have been able to deceptively convince Black Americans over the years that they fight for their well-being and interests. Meanwhile, they implement their so-called policies of equality, which have locked Black Americans into cycles of poverty, created slums and ghettos that have become prisons for minorities, divided women against men, created fatherless homes, and then miseducated minority children to believe that it was all done for their own well-being…At least if they survived the birthing process as the Democrats encouraged their mothers to seek an abortion, and all in the name of women’s rights!

Rev. Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) pointed to how the Democrats have actively worked to eradicate black Americans using abortion, as he stated that…

“abortion has decimated the black community and is in opposition to our faith. But the Left supports unlimited abortion policies that have led to black babies being aborted more than any other group.”

Meanwhile, as the Democrats  continue to fight against a parent’s right to educate their own children as they see fit, and as they work to actively and deceptively convince minority Americans that Socialism and government are an answer to their problems, even though Democrat Socialist policies and Democrat-controlled government have created those very same problems,

Reverand Ownes added that…

“We’re tired of being taken for granted by politicians who don’t reflect our values. The black church has long been the center of the black community. But Leftists are now actively trying to push Christians out of the public square. When they’re not trying to silence us, they’re mocking us or our values.”

Now, as the Democrats radically left-wing Socialist policies continue to pervade the Party’s agenda, black Americans will become more and more estranged from the Democrat Party! Add to that the fact that President Trump embodies the values of our nations Founding Fathers, and continues to fight for Christians, and for the good of all Americans, regardless of race, religion, or sex, minorities will continue to break away from the radicalized left and support President Trump  and the America First agenda!