By: Brian Evans

Over the past few years, attacks against conservatives have increased in monumental proportions, regardless of race or creed, gender or sexual preference, religion or beliefs! In fact, as of late, as the Democrat Party continues to become more and more radicalized, as the Mainstream Media has become the DNC’s propaganda mouthpiece, and as corporate elitists, wealthy athletes, collegiate elitists, and Hollywood big-wigs have become the lap-dogs of the left, hate-riddled leftist snowflakes have become consumed with anger! They have become irrationally enraged, and even lack the ability to face the real world, understand and differentiate fact from fiction, reality from fantasy, and good from bad! As a result, left-wing lunatics have returned to the Democrat Party’s racist roots, as they attack black Americans who dare to defy their Party’s platform of suppression! They attack Jewish Americans who dare to defy their anti-Semitic sentiments! They attack women who dare to think for themselves and therefore refuse to subscribe to the radical socialist agenda, which has more to do with the usefulness of the women’s vote for their Party, than any interest in the interests or needs of American women!

Now, after years of colleges and universities teaching hate and violence, rather than truth and honor, the fruit of their hate-driven education has produced a rotten outcome, as students are now given ‘safe spaces’, to hide from facing truths and reality! Students are called ‘snowflakes’ because they cannot handle the truth, and tremble in the fear of their own shadow! In fact, they have become so miseducated that they now need a ruling class known as elitists, to tell them what to do, how to think, when to cower, and what time is right for them to attack, maim, and destroy the elitist’s political foes!

For example, the Gateway Pundit reported this past week how the LGBT Activist Keaton Hill was caught on camera assaulting and threatening to kill a black conservative student Floyd Johnson II at Sacramento State!

If this was a black liberal being assaulted it would headlines in the mainstream fake news media. But it’s just another conservative being assaulted so he liberal media will ignore it. A deranged leftist at Sacramento State named Keaton Hill assaulted and threatened to kill a black conservative on campus.

Then, Keaton Hill went onto twitter and again threatened him, and even stated that he hoped that the conservative student would die of whatever cancer he has!


Ultimately, it is the outcome of a long and sick process of left-wing professors and universities, teaching our youth and the leaders of today and tomorrow, to stop thinking for themselves, and instead think of the collective, as the Socialist Elitists continue to strive for more power, more riches, and more control, not only for the minds of mankind, but for America and the world as a whole!