By: Brian Evans

On Tuesday, the Democrats reluctantly shifted their sham impeachment hearing into the next phase, as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced that she was introducing her Democrat Party’s articles of impeachment against President Trump! I say reluctantly, because of her own Party’s use of power against the President, or better put…ABUSE OF POWER! In fact, the Democrats came up empty on their allegations of bribery, on allegations of extortion, and on allegations of quid-pro-quo or pay for play! Therefore, they were left with no other alternative, other than charging the President with ‘abuse of power’, which is now highly unpopular with the American electorate, especially since they found no evidence of any of the above, except that which was perpetrated by those in their own Party! After all, Biden admitted to bribery against Ukraine, but the Democrats were outraged that anyone questions his actions! Adam Schiff spied on fellow members of Congress and the conservative press, but Democrats were outraged that anyone questions his motives! The IG report shows that the FBI illegally targeted Trump campaign officials and prosecuted them, even after they had information that showed each of their innocence! In fact, they buried the truth and continued in their attempt to destroy their lives!

In the meantime, the Democrats rushed to introduce the ‘Articles of Impeachment’ against President Trump, despite the Ranking GOP member Doug Collins (R-GA) sending a request, in writing, to House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), that demanded the minority Party a hearing day, to call their own witnesses!

Once again, the Democrats refused and introduced the Articles of Impeachment, and declined to allow Republicans a chance to call their own witnesses! After all, the Democrats only wanted to have radical left-wing witnesses who hate the President, and hate the power of the American people to have any voice in the sham process!