By: Brian Evans

As Democrats try to convince Americans, as well as themselves, that they are headed towards their own election victory come 2020, the evidence continues to pile up that shows something quite the opposite! In fact, The Gateway Pundit’s Wayne Allen Root noted how

The latest Emerson College Poll is out. The Democrat impeachment witch-hunt is officially a huge failure that has blown up in Democrat’s faces. Overall 45% oppose impeachment versus 43% who support impeachment. That’s a 6-point swing since impeachment hearings began- in Trump’s favor. Quite amazing.

But much more importantly, independents overwhelmingly oppose impeachment. Among independents (the only voters that really matter at this point- everyone else has made up their mind), 49% oppose impeachment versus 34% who support it. That’s not just a landslide 15-point margin in favor of President Trump. It’s also a 26-point swing in Trump’s direction since the hearings started. That’s what you call a disaster for Democrats.

The same Emerson poll found Trump’s job approval up to 48 percent. That’s a 5-point jump up since October. Meaning Trump is more popular since the impeachment witch-hunt/hearings began.

And don’t forget, Emerson poll results are based on “registered voters,” not the far more friendly-to-Trump “likely voters.”

Therefore, in poll after poll, key indicators show that the Democrats are not simply losing support amongst independents, a group of which they desperately need their support in order to win, but they are plummeting in support and approval in massive numbers following their non-stop impeachment push, as well as in their effort to try to push the Trump Russia collusion, Ukraine quid-pro-quo, as well as numerous other allegations, which have all been proven to be manufactured, and many times concocted and planned out, as a means to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States of America! Fortunately, the American voters are not falling for their attempted and strategic coup!