By: Brian Evans

The last week of November 2019, President Trump held a rally in the far-left county of Broward County Florida, and the results astounded not only Trump staffers but drew the concern of Floridian Democrats! In fact, they found that for those in attendance, an astounding one in four of those there to support the President were Democrats who had voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016!

The Gateway Pundit reported how President Trump held a “Homecoming Rally” in Florida, to a packed auditorium of thousands…

During the rally, President Trump pointed to the historic stock market and economic boom, unemployment at unprecedented low numbers, a growing middle class, pro-American worker policies, border security, and countless other achievements that the President has accomplished for the American people in his first three years!

Meanwhile, President Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale pointed out their record attendance, in which the makeup of the attendees was the most incredible aspect of the attendance! He noted how a massive 27% of the crowd was Hispanic, and 24% of those in attendance were registered Democrats! THAT IS ONE IN FOUR ATTENDEES!

Ultimately, the Democrats are bleeding voters, as the American electorate begins to see through their false narrative and false allegations against their political foes! In the meantime, the momentum continues to grow, as the American people continue to join President Trump in working together to truly Make America Great Again!