By: Brian Evans

Since President Trump took office, California has waged a political war against the Trump Administration, which sadly has been based more on politics than it has been on policy!

Fox News reported

More than 60 lawsuits filed by California against the Trump administration in less than three years have cost the state’s taxpayers $21 million, according to reports.

Since Trump took office in 2017, California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra has sued the administration over issues including Trump’s travel ban, protecting DACA and sanctuary cities, fighting family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border and plans to construct the border wall, according to FOX 40 of Sacramento.

Republican strategist Tim Rosales told Fox 40 that…

“This is politics! It’s politics by Becerra. He wants to make a national name for himself. He wants to get himself on the evening news and this is how you do it if you’re the attorney general of California.”

Fox News added that…

Becerra’s office claims the state’s lawsuits have never added up to more than 1 percent of the state Department of Justice’s budget.

“He’s protecting our values,” Democratic political consultant Ed Emerson told FOX 40. “Separating children from their families, detaining them for unlimited amounts of time and keeping them in cages. This is not who we are and California has to step in.”

However, Democrats have been outraged that President Trump is fundraising off of the lawsuits, as Trump raked in record donations totaling tens of millions of dollars, while Democrats fundraisers have raked in a small percentage of that!

California AG Xavier Becerra added to FOX 40 that…

“The fact is, I don’t wake up in the morning planning to pick a fight with the administration. We file lawsuits to stop the Trump administration from breaking the law and taking actions which would hurt Californians.”

However, the evidence shows that this IS a political fight, as California’s Socialist Elite try to shift not only their own state further Socialist, or as they call it Progressive, but the whole of our nation, as President Trump continues to return America to our nation’s Founding Principles, as the President fights for Americans inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! As a result, the American people are growing in support of Trump, who has become the most important President in modern American history!