By: Brian Evans

As the 2020 election continues to edge ever closer, all the signs indicate that Democrat’s concerns about the potential outcome are being realized! In fact, polling is showing that the suburban women’s support for President Trump is not only growing, but surging, including with large dollar donations, in comparison to the Democrat candidates!

In fact, according to a new report from Politico, suburban women of whom the Democrats desperately need to win in 2020 are shifting dramatically. They based their report on an report that shows that there has been a surge in large-dollar donations from women in suburbs, and more than ANY of the Democrat candidates!

The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard first noticed the increases in women’s support for the President, from 2016 to the present, as he pointed out that in 2016 the “itemized contributions” to the President’s campaign were at 28%, to now 35% for his 2020 campaign!

Open Secret is a part of the Center for Responsive Politics, and they released the following results…


Therefore, despite the Mainstream Media alleging that the President has lost the support of the suburban women, Open Secrets found that the president has over 10,500 large-dollar contributions from women in suburbs, and has received $8,293,135 in total from them. That is more than any other Democrat candidate.

Grace Haley of Open Secrets stated…

“Suburban women, who power a significant electoral battleground, are a key demographic for 2020. Since Trump’s inauguration, more than 7,000 women in suburban districts have given large-dollar contributions to his campaign. That totals $8 million, the most of all candidates.”

Currently, the pro-Communist candidate Bernie Sanders leads all candidates in support of women with $17.1 million. Following behind Sanders is Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Kamala Harris, and then President Trump, respectively! President Trump has taken in $15.1 million in total, leaving him in fifth place, behind the pro-Socialist and pro-Communist candidates! However, those numbers are likely skewed against the President, simply because Open Secrets points out that the Trump campaign does not report demographic information about their small donors, which would likely push him to exceed many or all of the Democrat candidates.

Open Secrets stated that because of this reason, and because campaigns are not required to itemize donations of $200 or less, President Trump’s…

“contributions from women are most certainly higher than $15 million.”

This is especially true of the Trump campaign, in being that 59% of their donations are small-dollar donations from individuals or families!

The co-founder of Women for Trump PAC, and the Chairwoman for America First, Amy Kremer stated that because of so many women in the suburbs having children and families, it is…

“no surprise that women are contributing to the president’s campaign. Women are focused on issues that impact our children and our families and President Trump is delivering results. It’s an easy donation when you know what you are going to get in return and this president has followed through on his promises, and his policies have been good for women and their families.”

She also pointed out that…

“Not all women who support the President may be vocal about their support, but they are quietly doing their share to ensure another four years of America First with President Trump.”

In addition, Open Secrets noted how many suburban women are afraid to voice their support, due to the hostile environment, as they noted how

“the polling data does not account for suburban women who favor Trump but do not feel comfortable publicly saying so.”