By: Brian Evans

While most of the nation tunes out the impeachment proceedings, the Elitist cesspool in Washington D.C. are not only watching, but they are partying over the mere hope that they finally got the President on something, ANYTHING, so that they can remove him, and institute someone who will push their Socialist agenda! In fact, they are having ‘watch parties’ at bars with drink specials being offered, to memorialize the moment.

The Washington Examiner reported

The first public impeachment hearings begin Wednesday morning with testimony from Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent. After weeks of closed-door testimony, a bevy of figures are expected to testify openly during the public phase of the investigation.

Duffy’s Irish Pub will be serving special drinks named the “Subpoena Colada” and “James and the Giant Impeachment,” according to the Hill. The restaurant boasts eight large TVs for patrons to watch the hearings as they imbibe on the bar’s “happy hearing hours” deals, featuring $5 rail drinks and $2 off wine and beer.

Hawk ‘n’ Dove will open at 10 a.m. to air the hearings. In addition to all of the bar’s TVs tuning in to what is happening on Capitol Hill, the locale will serve its happy hour menu all day.

Union Pub opens at 9:50 a.m. and will feature specials that play off an “impeachment” theme. The peach-flavored cocktails will be available for $7 apiece and include “Impeachment Please,” a drink that contains peach-flavored Jim Beam, orange bitters, and simple syrup. Another drink, “I got 99 Problems but Impeachment Ain’t One” contains Sobieski peach vodka, orange juice, peach Schnapps, Sprite, and lemon libation.

The pub will also be serving $15 Budweiser and Bud Light buckets.

The Midlands Beer Garden opens the earliest, at 9:30 a.m., and will air the impeachment hearings on two 100-inch projectors. Six-dollar Irish coffees will be around for those who need a bit of caffeine with their alcohol, and mulled ciders will also be available for $6.

Entrepreneurial bars in the District have tied their beverages to politics in the past. One bar offered drink specials every time a staffer left Trump’s turbulent White House. Late last year, during the partial government shutdown, some bars offered food and drink “ shutdown specials.” Local bars and restaurants also capitalized off of former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony and the testimony of former special counsel Robert Mueller.

Then, while most Americans consider this a sad moment in history, on November 13th, the Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, who was previously fired by President Trump, testified before Adam Schiff’s circus! Furthermore, although she was unable to add any substantive evidence that the President committed any crimes, nor even did anything wrong, she did play to the typical left-wing emotional appeal, as she claimed that Trump was “mean” for firing her! 

The Democrats pounced on her appeal for emotional damages from losing her job, even though they had no problem when Barack Obama fired ALL Ambassadors upon becoming President, and assigned his own people, for purely political reasons! Now, President Trump allowed most of the Ambassadors to keep their positions, and only removed specific ones for insubordination, refusal to implement policies that he was elected to put into action, or who are blatantly trying to sabotage his Administration!

Regardless, Yovanovitch attacked President Trump for firing her, and the left-wing Socialist ideologues fell right in line with their comrades! In fact, when Yovanovitch appeared in a D.C. bar after her testimony, she entered to heroes welcome, as the Jazz bar erupted into applause and cheers!

Therefore, the same swamp creatures in D.C. who took the President’s visit to the Washington Nationals game to boo the President, as well as, attacked his pardon of three American soldiers who put their lives on the line, fought, bled, and risked everything, to protect the American people’s God-given rights, are now heralding a woman who simply smeared his name, attacked his office, and all in the name of their Marxist dream!

Ultimately, they apparently care more about their agenda, that America or the American people!