By: Brian Evans

Catherine Croft, who works in the State Department, and specializing in Ukraine, testified to the Democrats House Impeachment proceedings that President Trump had been temporarily blocking aid to the nation since 2017, and then re-emphasized his concerns in 2019, due to rampant corruption that had been going on during their previous leadership!

Breitbart News reported that…

Catherine Croft, a State Department official specializing in Ukraine, told a closed-door meeting that Trump, through the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), held up the first grant of military aid to the Ukrainian government of then-President Petro Poroshenko partly because of concerns about the country’s corruption and the president’s frustration that the U.S. was expected to pay for its defense.

Another concern was how Russia would react to the first provision of lethal weapons — which President Barack Obama had denied to Ukraine despite ongoing Russian attacks.

Croft testified that prior to the now-infamous hold on aid in the summer of 2019, there had been a hold in late 2017 for “a week or two” at the direction of OMB Director Mick Mulvaney, acting on behalf of President Trump.

The main reason, she said, was concern about “the Russian reaction” — the same reason that Obama administration officials had been cautious about providing military aid.

Eventually, President Trump provided Ukraine with anti-tank missiles and other aid, in an effort to help them push back against Russian advances! However, even then, she noted how the President lectured the former Ukrainian President Poroshenko, over his nation’s corruption and its reliance on America to fund their nation’s self-defense, especially when he noted that Ukraine could be a very wealthy nation!

Breitbart added that…

Croft later reiterated the president’s concerns that “Ukraine is corrupt, and that Europe should be stepping up to do more to provide security assistance to Ukraine.”

Trump has voiced similar concerns about U.S. military aid to other countries — that American taxpayers bear the burden of their defense.

The president expressed similar concerns on his July 25 call with new President Volodymyr Zelensky — with the additional request that Ukraine look into allegations of interference in the 2016 election; and into the firing, at the direction of former Vice President Joe Biden, of a prosecutor overseeing an investigation into Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company on whose board his son, Hunter, served.

Therefore, while the Democrats allege that the President used his power and America’s wealth to force Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden is blatantly false! In fact, President Trump was doing his job and pushing other nations to not only straighten up their corrupt ways, as well as, demanding that those nations begin to shift from dependence on American taxpayer welfare, to finance their safety and security! Instead, the President is pushing for Ukraine, like other nations, to be self-sufficient, and merely borrow funds from the United States to fund their defense and growing economy!

Therefore, in the end, President Trump hasn’t shown corruption or inappropriate behavior, but instead, he has demonstrated LEADERSHIP and proven to be a good steward of the American taxpayer’s money!