By: Brian Evans

Democrats continue to demonstrate their disdain for America and all the freedoms and power that it bestows upon the American Populus, as they do everything in their power to stimy the Trump Administrations’ efforts to secure America’s southern border!

In fact, earlier this year, the Democrats passed legislation this year to block all funding that is designated to secure the American border with Mexico! Sadly, this is just days after nine Americans, which includes six innocent children as young as 18 months old were slaughtered! Sadly, that is merely one instance of violence, as the Cartel terror groups span 24 nations, spreading meth, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, fentanyl, and other drugs, as well as, human and sex trafficking of minors, gang and street violence, and terrorism! Still, Democrats refuse to fund a border wall to protect our streets, to protect our families, and to protect our children! in fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said…

“No funding is provided in the bill for new physical barriers along the southwest border.”

However, the Democrats desire to strip funding for border protection ONLY APPLIES TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! In fact, the Democrats have announced their desire to help build walls to protect other nations of people like in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria!

Terrence Jeffrey at CNS News reported that

“Provided further,” says the bill, “That these funds may be used in such amounts as the Secretary of Defense may determine to enhance the border security of nations adjacent to conflict areas including Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia resulting from actions of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”

Therefore, why do Democrats find it important to build protective walls in nations throughout the Middle East, but not to protect the American people? DO THEY HATE AMERICANS, or IS THERE SOME DEEPER MOTIVATION FOR THEM TO KEEP OUR NATIONS BORDERS UNSECURE?

In fact, Democrats have fought against President Trump’s idea of a border wall by claiming it as unnecessary, while stating that our border patrol and increased security is all that is needed. However, their words and actions behind the scenes claim otherwise. While touting that the wall is ‘unnecessary’, Democrats and their allies like the Progressive-Socialist infested ACLU contend that the border patrol should not have the right to stop illegals crossing the border without a warrant. Yes, they say that the border agents target ‘Hispanic looking individuals’ and claim that they ‘don’t have a right to ask for identification’, but how else can they stop illegals from crossing the border who look suspicious? Currently, our laws allow the border patrol to patrol a 100-mile zone from the edge of the border to stop illegals crossing; however, the ACLU and their Democrat allies want to end that policy.

Constitution Free Zone Map

Ultimately, Democrats and their Progressive-Socialist and Communist allies are trying every possible means to open the border and remove any American remnants of an independent and sovereign nation. A move that would push America ever-closer to a one-world communist dictatorship.

Also, Democrats and their Mainstream media allies have hidden from the public, how during President Trump’s first month in office,  the FBI arrested more than 1,500 foreign sex traffickers in the United States. It was a dramatic increase from previous years. Also, in 2018 the President’s record on human trafficking arrests skyrocketed to a massive 5,987, and that goes to just June 23rd. Below, it shows a comparison of previous years, and it is a staggering difference.

American’s have always been one of the most generous and hospitable people on the earth. However, generosity and hospitality, does not mean that we have to sacrifice our American identity. It does not mean that we have to sacrifice our American values, history, and heritage. It does not mean that we have to sacrifice our children’s safety, and future. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We should continue to allow immigrants to come into our country from all over the world. However,  they should be willing to do so through legal means. Immigrants should benefit our society, instead of threaten it, demean it, or try to destroy it. If those are their goals, they are not our friends at all, but an enemy of our Constitutional-Republic’s very fabric. It is high time that we secure our southern border and enforce our constitutional laws. After all, Thomas Jefferson said it best when he said:

“A Country With No Border, Is Not A Country”

Thomas Jefferson

Also, former President Ronald Reagan said:

“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

Their words could not be truer or have more meaning at any time in our nation than at the present time. Our country is under siege by those who wish to exterminate our Constitutional Republic. Our national sovereignty is under attack, as Fabian’s and Progressives try to fight for the Elitist Political Class, instead of for those who they are elected by to represent. Our Constitutional Republic is under threat, as they try to erase America from the history books, in favor of a One-World Progressive-Socialist and Communist government. It is now up to us, ‘The America People,’ to fight for our right to exist as a nation. To fight for our right to be American. We must fight for not only our future but for the future of generations to come. Then, and only then, America will be able to ‘secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,’ as established by our Founders, so many generations before. However, regardless of right or wrong, Democrats are hell-bent on doing everything in their power, to fundamentally transform the United States of America from a nation based on the promise of liberty and prosperity, into a Marxist collective! In the end, that is why they are willing to spend ‘We the People’s’ money on foreign borders, but not for America’s safety, security, or sovereignty! In a nutshell…IT IS A MEANS TO A DARK AND DISMAL END FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!