By: Brian Evans

This week, CBS News reported how Venice Italy has seen catastrophic flooding throughout their city, and their Mayor is blaming ‘Climate Change’. CBS News reported that…

Venice, Italy — Residents in the picturesque Italian city of Venice are used to the canals inching higher every year around this time. But this year has brought the worst flooding in half a century, and the second-worst since record-keeping began.

Venice sits on a tidal lagoon, just above sea level, so the city’s squares and streets often get wet at high tide. This week, though, the water peaked more than six feet above the usual level, and at least one death has been blamed on the flooding already.

CBS News correspondent Holly Williams reports that 85% of Venice has been flooded by this year’s “acqua alta,” or “high water.”

When your city is built on a lagoon, water is a fact of life. But Venetians have told Williams that what they’re seeing this year is not normal. The mayor has called it “apocalyptic.”

However, is it truly apocalyptic? Is climate change truly the culprit? If you look only at the past 50 years, this is one of the worst floods that the city has seen, and gives the Mayor, as well as Climate Change activists ammunition to push a global warming narrative, even though it is based on a fallacy, which uses selective facts, rather than the whole picture!

In reality, the flooding in Venice is the worst that they have seen in 50 years, but the reason they use only the past 50 years, is the fact that 53 years ago, in 1966 there was a flood in Venice that was within two-inches the current flooding they are now seeing, and at a time when, as the climate change proponents say CO2 levels were 90ppm lower! HOW CAN THAT BE??? If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has any say so, she would probably blame it on cow farts, but that still wouldn’t explain the CO2 levels in 1966 in relation to the flooding!

Breitbart News’ James Delingpole explained it well, when he pointed out how…

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro is blaming climate change. This has become the standard dog-ate-my-homework excuse for desperate politicians and administrators who want to dodge their responsibilities while simultaneously attracting media sympathy and aid money.

But it’s rubbish, of course. The real reason for Venice’s plight is whichever idiot who decided all those years ago to build the city on a series of swampy islands at the edge of a lagoon.

On the plus side, this helped the Venetians build a wealthy maritime empire and later to extract gazillions of euros from tourists who think it’s romantic being propelled in a funny looking boat down rancid, rat-infested canals by a man in a stripy shirt with a long stick. On the downside, Venice is slowly going the way of Atlantis.

There is nothing weird about Venice flooding at this time of year. From Autumn to Spring is the season known as ‘acqua alta’, when the tides in the Adriatic are higher than usual, so it’s not uncommon for attractions like Piazza San Marco to be inundated with water rather than the usual hapless travellers being fleeced for a 20 Euro cappucino.

In 2003, Venice began building a flood barrier – known as Moses – which was supposed to put an end to all that. But as is the way with Italian public works projects — in fact, all public works projects everywhere — it has run fearfully overbudget, become riddled with corruption, and taken much longer than originally planned.

Delingpole even pointed to an article by the Business Insider, which noted how…

While citizens have long worried about the high cost of construction, which recently climbed to around $6.3 billion, the municipality of Venice has questioned the barrier’s stability in the face of rising sea levels. Both environmental groups and the EU Commission have also expressed concern that construction would pollute the local habitat.

The biggest obstacle arrived in 2014, when then Mayor Giorgio Orsoni was arrested alongside 35 other people on corruption charges related to the project. Orsoni was accused of accepting bribes in exchange for awarding contracts, but he was absolved three years later.

Now, Moses is being held up in its final leg of construction. The flood gates were originally set to open around 2011, but some officials don’t expect them to be ready until 2022. As the project continues to stall, many have warned that mold and marine life are eroding the underwater structure.

Ultimately, it is not really about ‘Climate Change’, but a means to an end, and that endgame is ‘Marxism’! Therefore, we will delve into the movement, and the motives behind that movement! To understand the ‘Climate Change’ or ‘Global Warming’ movement of today, one has to look at the foundations of that so-called green movement!

Thirty years ago, ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ were words that were non-existent across the globe. Today, they are heard in college classrooms, on mainstream media networks, national newspapers, and in everyday conversations. Most have come to believe that it’s as factual as the sun setting each day. However, that is not entirely the case! In fact, most scientists actually disagree with the science behind the claims. Recent NASA pictures have shown that the polar ice caps have increased in size, earth temperatures have both risen and fallen, and they agree that the science doesn’t prove the hype. So why do we hear so much about temperatures rising, severe storms resulting due to climate change, oceans rising, and polar caps shrinking? In reality, it is all about the almighty dollar and power of the Elites, staying in the hands of those Elites. Progressives have come up with one of the biggest cons in history and it involves a Ponzi scheme of astronomic proportions.

Today, ‘Climate Change’ proponents, or so-called Environmentalists, point to greater consumption of electricity, more cars on the road, more animal product consumption that results in more animals in existence, which results in more carbon dioxide (CO2) through cow farts expelled into the air, and so forth. Yes, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, COW FARTS! Sadly, they have turned the illogical into logical. It makes logical sense that the greater the number of humans that inhabit the planet, the greater the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that are expended. They go even further to say that we are at the precipice of a global climate disaster, so should we exterminate parts of our population to save the remaining humans from this climate disaster? Was God so careless as to not foresee this climate apocalypse coming, or provide us with an alternative to human population extermination? To answer these questions we can actually look to the very subject that the climate change researchers utilize to show how we are a doomed race and planet.

Science can be utilized for the good of mankind, or sadly for its demise. Human beings have looked to science to answer questions that were out of reach to mankind. We have been able to travel to the moon, stars, and beyond. We have been able to harvest the power of the sun’s energy through the utilization of oil, coal, natural gas, solar, wind, geothermal, and so much more. We have created machines that transport us at once unheard of speeds and created medicine that can cure the once incurable diseases that ravaged mankind. Yes, science has provided mankind with so many miraculous wonders. Unfortunately, there are some who have utilized science for much more sinister reasons. It has been used to create bombs, killing machines, and to create new diseases for the sole purpose of killing other humans. Now, global warming and climate change proponents utilize its name to distort reality and call for population control. They alter or manufacture data, exaggerate information, and create science fiction stories for the sole purpose of misleading humans into believing an unproven theory for the sole purpose of controlling them and implementing a one-world communist government.

To understand why climate change scientists are wrong, we simply have to look to the very same scientific principles that they purport to embrace. Science starts with the first step in the ‘scientific method, which is a theory and involves taking specific steps to prove that theory. ‘Climate change’ is simply a theory that has not been proven. On the other hand, when you try to prove the basic science behind our environment, it disproves the climate change theory before you even get started. For example, we can look at the simple fact that human beings and other animals inhale oxygen (O2) and exhale carbon dioxide (CO2). Therefore, that goes along with the climate change proponents saying that not limiting the number of human beings on the planet would throw our world into a toxic environment. But, if you look a bit closer, plants require carbon dioxide (CO2) to survive and they expel the oxygen (O2) that is required for the survival of animals and human beings. This creates a balance between the animal and plant world. That is one of the reasons that green plants are so important to the survival of our world, as it is. Conservationists have pushed for protecting our natural resources, including; plants, water, air, and other aspects of our ecosystem. It is a balance that enables us to live in harmony with the environment.

But, what happens when human beings outpace the number of plants; therefore, resulting in an overabundance of CO2 in the air? This is where scientific research comes into play. In ‘The Conversation,” a group of biologists by the name of Lowe and Sparrow studying the expansion of increased forestation around the globe learned that the greening of the earth was increasing in some of the world’s dryest places such as sub-Saharan Africa. As human beings increase in numbers, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air increases and plants thrive as a result. As plants thrive, the earth has been shown to be getting greener. The planet was designed to compensate for increased numbers of animals and humans. Our environment responds with increased vigorous plant life. As a result of increased greening, there has been increased consumption of carbon dioxide (CO2), and increased oxygen (O2) output by plants. This results in an equilibrium between plants and animals. Numerous studies have demonstrated the greening of the earth including studies by NASA, biologists Lowe and Sparrow, and numerous other scientists around the world.

As evidence of global greening has surfaced, global warming proponents utilized these facts to explain why they have changed their name from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ proponents. They claim that global greening has decreased the temperatures of the planet. They say that the world’s plant population is growing and greening, and it will continue to do so until it reaches a precipice and a breaking point in our civilization. However, that theory really doesn’t support the facts either. If you look at science, plant life can only store a specific amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). Climate change proponents claim that plants will hit the breaking point when they cannot take in more CO2, but it would be like saying that human beings would hit the breaking point and could not take in any more oxygen (O2). We take in the required amount, and that is it. The only way to absorb more oxygen would involve more plants and further greening.

The bible says that God commanded that humans be fruitful and multiply, and he knew exactly what the ultimate plan was when he created the earth, and mankind which he intended to inhabit that earth. He created a planet that survives through a harmony of the plant and animal life. Humans throughout history have expanded, as well as, decreased in numbers, and the plant life has expanded and contracted in response. Mankind has increased in numbers, and decreased in numbers as well, due to disease, wars, natural disasters, and so forth. Today, we have hit the largest concentration of humans in history, but much of that growth is due to improvements in science, and the fact that we have been free of World Wars for over 70 years. However, there will likely be a day when the human population will be reduced, and plant life will contract in response.

The true foundations of environmentalism lye in the ‘conservationist movement’. It involved mankind wanting to become good stewards of our environment and planet. Conservationists have always looked to take care of all of our natural resources like water, air, and land. Farmer’s were highly interested in conservationism due to their need to keep the land fertile with nutrients, water clean and pure so they could keep their plants and livestock hydrated and healthy, and the air clean and pure. Conservationists were interested in replacing trees that were cut down, keeping pollution to a minimum, and protecting the natural resources and keeping animals healthy. Marxist based environmentalism didn’t exist until 50 years ago, as Progressives began to infiltrate the democrat party, global warming became a term that they utilized in talking about the preservation of our planet.  It was the beginning of a perversion of the conservationist movement with political undertones being the primary motivator of the left.

Today, ‘Global warming,’ or ‘climate change’ are terms manufactured to strike fear into the world’s population. It is designed to manipulate humans into believing that they need the government to help save mankind from themselves. It is designed to make the population believe that the government should control how we spend our money, how much energy we utilize, how we run our businesses, and how we live our lives. In a nutshell, it gives the governments of the world control over our lives and the general population. It creates a ruling elitist class and those who are subservient to the elite. Our planet will survive no matter what population we achieve, and it will take man’s greed and thirst for power to destroy it. In the end, it will not be ‘climate change’ that destroys our planet. Instead, it will be the misguided betrayal of mankind towards God and all that he has created that will result in our planet’s destruction, and mankind’s ultimate demise.

Today, the Marxist based radicals who push the ‘Climate Change’ initiative, have infiltrated not just the democrat party, but colleges and universities, mainstream media networks, and political activist groups. Even the Republican establishment has become entrenched in the ‘climate Change’ ideology. Today, their lies and distortions of reality are beginning to seep out to virtually every corner of the globe. Don’t get me wrong, climate change is a real thing. It has existed since the beginning of time. Our climate continually changes over the years, but not due to CO2 gasses. The planet temperatures have risen and fallen. The oceans have risen and fallen as well. Not only do weather patterns change, but climates do as well over time due to nature.

Therefore, the Mayor of Venice fails to note the real causes of his city flooding…nature! He fails to note that his city should never have been built upon swamplands, and now that they did, his own government’s corruption has caused Venice, to fail to fortify their city with protective barriers because they embezzled and misspent the money that was to be used!

In the end, Progressive/Socialists and Communists actually have one goal in mind! All of them want just one thing! They thirst for a one-world government that implements a communist ideology. They see “climate change” as the key to influencing the world populations into agreement and submission. They see the “climate change” movement as a way to redistribute the world population’s income from the middle class to the political elite. That way there would be two classes: the political elitists and the peasants.  That is where communism comes into focus. If the progressive/socialists can control our energy supply, food supply, and water supply; they would control mankind. We would become dependent on the government’s handouts. That is why they have pushed for stricter regulations on energy, water,  air, and even land. Just over the eight years Barack Obama’s Presidency, he confiscated millions upon millions of acres and placed them under the control of the federal government. In some progressive states, farmers were forbidden to plow their fields, place livestock on the land, or water their crops. Democrats have discussed how they would like to implement the rationing of power to households depending on need. They have placed regulations that stifled the coal, oil, and natural gas industries. They placed regulations on cars that forced up the price of gasoline and car prices up. They implemented regulations on power companies that have nearly doubled electricity prices on consumers. All in the name of ‘climate change.’  In reality, they know that once they control our electricity and water, next will be our food, and ultimately it would be our financial independence, as well as our freedom!