By: Brian Evans

After weeks of the Democrats holding secret impeachment meetings behind closed doors, it is now becoming crystal clear as to exactly why the Democrats didn’t want the American people to see what they were doing, or what was being said! In fact, at one point in the hearing, Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) laid into Adam Schiff’s and the Democrats top witnesses, as he asked them to name a crime that President Trump had committed…AND THEY COULDN’T EVEN NAME ONE!

In fact, Rep. Ratcliffe asked George Kent to name a crime that President Trump committed in his call with President Zelensky of Ukraine, and the silence was deafening! Ratcliffe stated…

“So in this impeachment hearing today where we impeach presidents for treason or bribery or other high crimes, where is the impeachable offense in that call? Are either of you here today to assert there was an impeachable offense in that call?”

George Kent responded with…


Therefore, if the Democrats star witnesses who are testifying as to why the President should be removed from office, yet they cannot think of any crime that President Trump committed, WHY ARE THEY THERE, AND WHY ARE THEY WASTING OUR AMERICAN TAXPAYERS MONEY!!!