By: Brian Evans

On Wednesday morning, one of the most Trump-hating, Trump-bashing Mainstream Media networks, one of their contributors, Scott Jennings, posted an article on how the Obama Administration failed to provide aid to Ukraine, to help them defend themselves against Russia, yet he noted that President Trump has willingly provided the much needed military aid and assistance to Ukraine that Obama refused to do! It was in an article titled…

 “Obama’s failure on Ukraine helped get us here.”

In the article, Jennings noted that…

In 2012, President Obama told Russia then-President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” in dealing with contentious issues like missile defense after the election. In 2014, the Russians invaded the Crimean peninsula. And then, for two years, the Obama administration refused to provide lethal aid to Ukraine–instead of just military and other aid– despite that country’s former president, our ally, pleading for American help. As was the case in other venues, Russia ran wild in a way that was diametrically opposed to American interests and the Obama administration dithered.

Today, Democrats want to toss out an American president for a brief delay in military aid to Ukraine under Trump, who is actually providing the Ukrainians with lethal aid — including sniper rifles, rocket launchers and Javelin anti-tank missiles — to combat the Russians. I wonder why Democrats never bothered to question Obama’s motivations for failing to meaningfully respond to the Russians in Ukraine for two years (and as Russia was simultaneously meddling in our democracy).

No matter what is said in these hearings today, remember: just like in the Russia election probe, we are largely here today because of a failure to act decisively and confront Russia by former President Barack Obama and his number two, Joe Biden.

Then, later that day during the impeachment proceedings, the Democrats tried to maintain control of the narrative, but things began to spin out of control rather quickly. In fact, when one of the Democrats key witnesses, the United States Ambassador to the Ukraine William Taylor spoke, things fell apart VERY QUICKLY! Taylor apparently had rehearsed his lines to tell the Congressional leaders, and he openly admitted that President Trump did more for Ukraine, in comparison to the Obama Administration who did VERY LITTLE!

It was a narrative that didn’t go well for the Democrats, as Taylor was forced to admit that while President Barack Obama gave Ukraine blankets and ready-to-eat MRE meals. President Trump supplied them with lethal defensive military weapons, like Javelin anti-tank missiles, as well as night-vision goggles and communication devices.

It was ironic, in that the Democrats have tried to claim that the President used a Quid-Pro-Quo and withheld funds to Ukraine when he has actually done more to help them defend themselves against Russia than Obama…BY FAR!

In fact, the United States Ambassador William Taylor, who was the Democrats star witness not only stated that he has never talked to the President, nor has he personally listened to the President, but instead he has heard from someone, who heard from someone else, who hadn’t heard the President admit to a quid-pro-quo, but they believed that the President intended one! In fact, Taylor stated…

“During the 2014 to 2016 period, I was serving outside of government and joined two other former ambassadors to Ukraine in urging the Obama administration officials at the State Department, Defense Department, and other agencies to provide lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine in order to deter further Russian aggression. I was pleased when the Trump administration provided Javelin anti-tank missiles and enacted stronger sanctions. All to say, I cared about Ukraine’s future and the important U.S. interest there.”

Ironically, Ambassador Taylor even admitted that he “supported much stronger sanctions on Russia,” which were not put into place by Obama, but instead by President Trump!


Perhaps since the Democrats seem to love using Latin terms like quid-pro-quo, they should instead start using the Latin term pugnasse finxerunt meaning “sham”, or res meaning “coup”! Apparently, it would have a lot more meaning for their sham impeachment hearing or attempted coup!