By: Brian Evans

By: Brian Evans

On Monday we reported on how Adam Schiff’s and the Mainstream Media’s star witness has been exposed as a planted operative, who was actively working to undermine the Trump Administration, even to the point of telling foreign nations to ignore and defy the Trump Administrations policies, at least until a pro-Globalist is able to be put into office!

The Gateway Pundit reported

Schiff Witness Vindman Testified that He “Thought” President’s “Policy” Was Wrong So He Advised Ukrainians to Ignore the President and his agenda!

In fact, he even admitted that his reasoning for colluding with foreign nations to go against the President involves that he disagreed with his policies, and “thought” that the President’s policies with Ukraine was flawed! However, that is not the National Security Committee’s responsibilities or what they are supposed to do!

The Conservative Treehouse revealed that the testimony by the CIA agent Alexander Vindman, who was placed or more likely planted, by John Brennan into the White House to spy on President Trump. Already, Vindman openly admitted to advising foreign nations like Ukraine, to disregard the President’s foreign policy directives, and defy the United States of America!

In addition, Vindman added that his reasoning for his purposeful aiding and abetting foreign nations was to subvert American foreign policy that is part of the Trump agenda, which was promised to the American voters! However, that policy was in direct violation of the Deep State Intelligence Operatives pro-Socialist agenda. Therefore, they deemed the foreign policy inappropriate, and worked to undermine that American foreign policy!

The Gateway Pundit added that…

in his opening remarks, young Vindman stated that he believed the President ‘demanded’ something from the Ukrainians. Representative Ratcliff destroyed him on this assertion

For example, Vindman even admitted that he didn’t hear the President demand anything from the Ukrainians, but instead claimed that he “believed” the President ‘demanded something…

Then, when Rep. Ratcliffe challenged Vindman to find in the President’s transcript of the call where the President ‘demanded’ anything from the Ukrainian President, Vindman was unable to produce any such demands…

Therefore, in the end, Vindman was unable to produce any evidence in the transcript so he admitted that his claims were all based on his own perceptions and beliefs, rather than any facts or evidence! In addition, Vindman said that he didn’t like the President’s policies, which isn’t even his place as intelligence. Instead, the policy is the responsibility of the elected officials like THE PRESIDENT! Regardless, Vindman acknowledged his statements were based on his own personal political beliefs, rather than the actual statements made by the President…

The Gateway Pundit then noted how…Congressman Ratcliffe next destroyed the witness Vindman pointing out how Vindman told Ukrainian officials (not detailed in the discussion) to ignore President Trump – a blatant crime committed by the underling –

Then they noted how…

After Rep. Swalwell jumped in to assist Vindman, Ratcliffe nailed him, calling Swalwell ‘President’, in reference to his failed Presidential run –

Finally, they added that…

Then the attorney for Vindman and the rest of the Democrats freaked out in defense of the underling who told Ukrainians to ignore President Trump –

Now, Vindman’s fellow soldiers are slamming his politically motivated actions, especially for his wearing his uniform to testify as if he is “pushing a coup.”

In fact, The Washington Examiner is reporting that…

Some of Alexander Vindman’s fellow soldiers have blasted him for testifying in uniform during the House impeachment hearings, accusing him of politicizing the military by stating personal opinions that were highly critical of President Trump.

Vindman, 44, the National Security Council’s Ukraine director, was thrust into the political spotlight when he testified before Congress on Oct. 29 as one of the few people who listened in on a July phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

His appearance in uniform has been a point of contention. Military members detailed to the NSC typically wear suits but Vindman gave his testimony in uniform, and was lauded for having been awarded a Purple Heart for being wounded in Iraq, and a Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

“This is a bad look for him to be in uniform,” an active duty military officer stationed at the Pentagon told the Washington Examiner. “He makes it look like the Army is behind this. Like the Army is pushing a coup.”

In all, Vindman has violated several codes of conduct, but the worst aspect is his insubordination, and his use of his military status as a weapon against a duly elected President, and instructing a foreign government to deny the requests of the President of the United States! At the least, Vindman should receive a dishonorable discharge from the United States military! After all, neither Vindman, nor the Deep State Intelligence Agents were elected by the American people, WHO ARE THEIR BOSSES, to form and implement foreign policy, but instead, President Trump was!