By: Brian Evans

As Democrats try and justify the numbers or weigh Democrat numbers to try and reassure their chances in 2020, all indications continue to point towards a President Trump landslide in 2020, which will likely spell doom for their Party’s chances of retaking the Senate and holding the House of Representatives as well!

Mike LaChance at American Lookout pointed how Democrats are in deep doo-doo and sinking, as States that have been traditionally blue that Trump won in 2016, are not shifting their direction! In fact, they are shifting even more pro-Trump and pro-Republican, likely because of the sham impeachment inquisition that the House Democrats have been focused on for nearly the past three years! Just imagine the result of the Durham and Inspector General’s report, which is expected to highlight the massive corruption, fraud, abuse of power, and their continued attempted coup, that the Democrats, intelligence agencies, and the Mainstream Media have been perpetrating on President Trump, Conservatives, freelance and non-Mainstream Media journalists, or anyone else who defies the Socialist agenda!

Ultimately, Democrats need to flip a number of States to retake the Presidency, and according to Town Hall, it appears that that may be more of a pipe dream for Democrats, barring any earth-shattering revelations, and at this point, it seems that the earth-shattering revelations will do more to indict the Democrats and their radical-Socialist allies, than President Trump!

Just this week, Townhall reported

GM Worker’s Warning to Democrats Is Showing in Latest Poll From Battleground States

Donald Trump is on track to win re-election. Forget the polls from CNN. Forget what the liberal media is doling out with their suppression coverage. As of right now, Trump is going to win. He’s the incumbent with a booming economy and a weak 2020 Democratic field. It’s also a field that is pushing a radical left-wing agenda that even has ardent liberals a bit worried.

Health care for illegal aliens and forced Medicare for All are some of the top issues being peddled by Democrats. They’re also positions that are incredibly unpopular. Medicare for All will result in the destruction of 150 million private health care plans. And yes, sorry, Democrats, but you’re wrong; Americans do like their employee-based health care plans. And do you know who else is impacted by this? Labor unions. Their health care plans are also targeted…

The Democrats’ hatred of fracking is another issue that has battleground state voters wary of a party that is rapidly becoming a Leninist sideshow. We wrote about a General Motors worker who was worried over the 2020 Democratic agenda in that it reflects that this party does not connect with anyone who isn’t an overeducated snob. There is nothing for working people in this agenda. And the polls now show it. In Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania, Trump has higher approval ratings now than on Election Day 2016.

Also, according to the Cook Political Report and KFF blue-collar Democrats are shifting towards President Trump, and they noted that President Trump and his policies are the biggest reason. They reported…

Voters across the “Blue Wall” states – the area in the Upper Midwest that were previously considered Democratic strongholds and where 2016 state polls underestimated President Trump’s support – are more likely to mention President Trump as their main motivation than any issue including health care (8%) and the economy (4%), which top voters’ list of key national issues for the 2020 campaign.  Overall, one-fourth (23%) of voters name any issue as their main motivation for voting in 2020.

They noted that the President’s overall approval ratings have gone up from 2016 from

  • Wisconsin: 35% in 2016 to 42% now!
  •  Michigan: 39% in 2016 to 41% now!
  • Minnessota: 35% in 2016 to 41% now!
  • Pennsylvania: 42% in 2016 to 39% now!

They also noted how…

health care and the economy are the top issues for voters but these issues may pull voters, especially independents, in opposite directions. President Trump garners a higher approval rating on the economy (49% approve, 50% disapprove) than on any other issue, while he garners his lowest marks on health care (39% approve, 60% disapprove). And while half of independent voters approve of the way President Trump is handling the economy, most (61%) disapprove of the way he is handling health care.

Most voters (59%) in the four states also disapprove of his job performance overall, compared to 41% who approve. Yet, the poll isn’t all bad news for President Trump, as he retains solid support among his base across the Blue Wall states. Large majorities of Republican voters approve of his job performance overall (87%) and on every specific issue tested, including the economy (94%) and health care (84%).

The report also noted how many of the Democrat voters…

overwhelmingly think the progressive policy positions included in this survey are good ideas, including the Green New Deal (92%), a pathway to citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally (91%), a ban of future assault weapon sales (88%) and a ban and mandatory buyback of assault weapons (83%). Fewer, but still a majority, also say a ban on fracking (54%), stopping U.S. border detainments (56%), and a national Medicare-for-all plan (62%) – a hot-button issue in the Democratic primary race – are good ideas.

While few self-reported 2020 Democratic voters say they wouldn’t vote for a candidate who disagreed with them on any of these issue in the general election, there is some evidence that some of these progressive stances are not popular among swing voters.

Majorities of swing voters across the four states view three as bad ideas: not detaining border crossers (71%), Medicare-for-all (62%) and a fracking ban (54%). In Pennsylvania, 57% of swing voters say a fracking ban is a bad idea.

One area that the survey found that is impeding the President’s support among swing voters is in regards to the tariffs that the President has placed on goods from China and other nations! They wrote…

The Blue Wall poll also explores voters’ views on other issues, including tariffs and trade. Most voters across the four states say recent tariffs imposed on goods from China and other countries are hurting the national economy (55%) and workers in their state (55%). In addition, voters are about three times more likely to say the tariffs are hurting their families (46%) than are helping their families (14%). These shares are similar in each of the four states.

However, much of those opinions are likely to shift over the next year, leading up to the 2020 Presidential election, as the President implements balanced trade, rather than simply continuing with free trade, which puts America and the American people at a tremendous disadvantage against foreign nations who impose tariffs upon our citizens, businesses, and companies! As a result, when the President’s policies continue to tip the scales to balance trade, American workers and consumers will reap the rewards and fruits of his ‘balanced trade policy’! Furthermore, free-trade Republicans and Independents will realize that free-trade isn’t truly free trade, when other nations fail to play by the rules, while America does!

In addition, the Cook/KFF report revealed that Democrats are now almost certainly going to nominate a ‘Hard-line Socialist’ like Elizabeth Warren to face President Trump in 2020, as they noted that…

The four state polls also test Democratic voters’ primary preferences and finds former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are voters’ top choices. Specifically:

  • Michigan: Warren (25%), VP Biden (19%) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (15%).
  • Minnesota: Warren (25%), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (15%), VP Biden (14%) and Sen. Sanders (13%).
  • Pennsylvania: VP Biden (27%), Sen. Warren (18%) and Sen. Sanders (14%).
  • Wisconsin: Warren (22%), VP Biden (17%), and Sen. Sanders (10%).

Also, other polling shows that Democrats in critical states like Iowa and Pennsylvania are likely to nominate Warren and even Sanders, over the more moderate choice Joe Biden, which is why Democrats and their Mainstream Media sycophants, who have been running cover and flattery for Joe Biden’s blatant mental instability and blatant corruption, over the past months! Furthermore, it is one of the reasons Democrats like Michael Bloomberg and Eric Holder have either joined the Presidential race, like Bloomberg, or Holder, who is running exploratory committees to seek out a 2020 run!

In a nutshell, Democrats are terrified, as the President continues to dismantle the Socialist swamp that has been rotting Washington D.C. for years! Furthermore, despite their well-oiled and allegiant Mainstream Media’s barrage of false and malicious reporting, which has amounted to more than 90% negative reports about this President, he has continued to gain in support and popularity with the American people! Likely because Americans finally have a President who says what he means, and does what he says! In addition, after years of Americans being forced to vote for someone who represents the swamp, we finally have a leader who is representing Middle Americans, and not just the Elites in Washington, Corporations, Hollywood, etc.!