By: Brian Evans

As America awaits the release of Inspector General Horowitz’s report, as well as the Durham report on FISA abuses, as well as, illegal and corrupt use of FBI and CIA surveillance, all indications point to the facts that not only will the report be out momentarily, but it will also be damning to the Democrats and Intelligence agencies criminal abuses of power!

Democrats and top Intelligence agents began panicking a little over two weeks ago, when Attorney General Bill Barr announced that the investigation was being re-classified from its long going investigation, now into a criminal probe

Now, this week, President Trump’s online communications Director Dan Scavino posted an ominous warning to apparently those involved in the attempted coup and spying on Americans who don’t conform to their socialist agenda, using all the powers of the intelligence communities, by simply stating…

“Tick Tock”

Then on Friday, President Trump gave a warning of the impending fruits of their investigation into the corrupt swamp by stating…

“I caught the swamp. I caught them all. Let’s see what happens. Nobody else could have done it but me.”

In the end, the swamp should be very afraid, and apparently, they are! The once vocal critics of the President, who most know were committing serious criminal and constitutional crimes against the President, as well as American citizens,  have gone from outspoken hate-speakers on CNN and other major Mainstream Media networks, to now CRICKETS… as they have chosen to fade into the shadows, hiding from their impending doom of prison! TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK! Thankfully, we now have an Administration who is willing to stand up to this corrupt and perverted swamp, as they fight with everything the can to stop this President, while some are beginning to scurry into the dark cracks and sewer! However, one thing remains certain…President Trump is following through on another campaign promise, as he is truly beginning to pull the plug on the swamp and drain the rodent and bug-infestation out of Washington DC!