By: Brian Evans

Already, schools throughout America have had history, government, economics, and other topics within the Social Sciences gutted, leaving America’s youth with little to no respect for government, no idea as to what communism and socialism truly is, nor any grasp of historical events throughout the history of America or the world! In fact, it has left America’s youth with no respect for authority, no sense of honor or pride for their nation, or those who fight and died to protect the rights and privileges that they take for granted! In addition, it has left them with no concept of the value and greatness of America’s capitalist economic system or the promise it bestows upon themselves, nor the death and decay of societies, that have resulted from the ideology of Socialism or Communism! In fact, due to the miseducation of Americans in schools, most Americans don’t even realize that Fascism is a form of Socialism and actually quite the opposite of Conservatism! A point that the radical left has slowly and conveniently tried to re-write, as to be able to convince Americans that Conservatives are responsible for the evils that the radical left was actually guilty of!

Now, just this week, it was revealed on Todd Starnes, that the Seattle Public Schools are teaching children that math is both racist and oppressive! In other words, if you know how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, or even worse, do fractions, you are an oppressive racist!

It sounds ridiculous, but that is the glaringly misguided perception that some of the most left-wing public schools are teaching our children in some of the most radically Socialist areas of America!

As a teacher and educator myself, it seems as if we are shifting into an alternate reality, as some of the most radical and extremist elements take over large swaths of our educational system, miseducating and misguiding the most vulnerable in our population!

Todd Starnes wrote…

The Seattle School District announced plans to infuse math class with ethnic studies questions.

They are teaching the kids that math was appropriated by western culture and used in systems of power and oppression.

The school district says it’s all part of a movement to re-humanize math. The new lessons ask questions like “How important is it to be right?” and “Who gets to say if an answer is right?”

The district’s framework includes themes on resistance and liberation. They also want to illustrate how math and science have been used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color.

What that has to do with long form division or teaching a kid how to balance a checkbook is beyond me.

Education Week says Woke Math grew out of a campaign led by the NAACP as a way to introduce something called ethno-mathematics.

All that to say – good luck finding a cashier down at the Walmart who can make change.

Today, the youth in America is under siege, as the most radical elements in America, which have remained hidden for years, are now preying upon the weakest and most vulnerable! They are creating an army of Marxist soldiers, who are separated from reality, dependent upon the collective, and subservient to the hate-driven, vile, and dastardly left-wing lunatics!