By: Brian Evans

On National Public Radio (NPR), a taxpayer-funded radio broadcasting station, they discussed the question Wednesday morning of whether President Donald Trump’s supporters were too loyal or “dumb” to support impeachment. Joshua Johnson, the host of NPRs 1A was joined by the Financial Times journalist Edward Luce and by Southern Methodist University presidential historian Jeff Engel.

Interestingly, they didn’t even consider the fact that his supporters were right! Instead, they went straight to the allegation that Trump supporters are stupid, too dumb, and too ignorant, because they don’t support the left-wing radical agenda that the Democrats have embraced!

Breitbart News reported that on the broadcast,

Joshua Johnson, host of 1A, discussed the White House’s release of the transcript of a July conversation between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, following Democrats’ decision to move ahead with an impeachment inquiry against Trump on Tuesday. He was joined by Financial Times journalist Edward Luce and by Southern Methodist University presidential historian Jeff Engel.

Joshua Johnson, who hosts NPR’s 1A asked whether there was merit to Democrats’ suspicion that Trump supporters would not care about the evidence! He said…

JOSHUA JOHNSON STATED: I don’t think that it is inaccurate to say that some Democrats would rather focus on 2020 because they believe that the president’s base is unshakeable, that they will support him no matter what, and that whatever comes out of this impeachment inquiry, that they are solidly set on re-electing Donald Trump. I also don’t think that hyperbole would be overstating it to say that some Democrats just think that the president’s base is too dumb to know the difference, that they wouldn’t get — even if all of the evidence pointed toward impeachment, pointed toward this being someone who needed to be removed, that the president has fooled enough people, that they are so gullible, that they will not vote against him no matter what. That’s the vibe I get from some Democrats — that this whole thing is a waste of time, because “those people” are going to pick him no matter what.

EDWARD LUCE REPLIED: “There’s a pretty good case to be made for that argument … There is a bedrock of support that, as Trump said, he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, they’d still vote for him.” He added: “Whether that means they’re gullible or not, I don’t know.”

JEFF ENGEL SAID:  Trump’s supporters might not believe evidence against the president that otherwise seemed plain because people were less trusting of news. “We are living in a much different truth environment” than during the era of President Richard M. Nixon, who resigned before he could be impeached during the Watergate scandal, he said.

He explained that people might not believe evidence against Trump even if they saw or heard it themselves because they were less trusting of news and because video or audio evidence will be more manipulable in the near future.

Already, earlier this year, the left-wing, pro-Democrat, hate-driven comedian Bill Maher derided Trump supporters, who he saw as Middle Americans who live in red states as being envious of blue-state elitists, the red carpet Hollywood Elitists, as well as, the fact that the Middle Class can’t afford anything but Target! He claimed that there is no longer one America, but instead two America’s, with one being the wealthier cities and Democrat blue states, and the other being the poorer rural states, which he chided as full of the ‘ignorant and uneducated’ envious Americans! Maher also attacked the more rural states in America that typically vote Republican, the…

“Passover States!”

He added that the blue voting Democrat-controlled States as being superior to the ‘other America’, as he said…

“We have a problem in America called spatial geographic inequality which means the most affluent and educated people are clustered in just a few cities. We have orchestras and theaters districts and world-class shopping. We have Chef Wolfgang Puck, they have Chef Boyardee. The blue parts of America are having a big prosperity party while the big sea of red feels like their invitation got lost in the mail — and they still use the mail.”

He then said that red states that voted for Republicans were “pissed off,” because they were envious of the Elites, as he said…

“The fly-over states have become the passed-over states, that’s why red state voters are so pissed off. They don’t hate us, they want to be us.”

Ultimately, Maher like the rest of the now radical, left-wing Socialists, has become so filled with hate, so driven by their lust for power and greed, that they no longer see America as a single nation, but a nation divided by superior blue states, and inferior red states, which they believe are nothing more than deplorable, disgusting, ignorant,


“America is a stupid country, filled with stupid people!”

In fact, on his own show, you can let his own words speak for themselves, because he is so proud of his hate and disdain for America, and the American people, that he proclaimed it on national television…

Ultimately, Maher is just a condition that is now plaguing the radicalized left in America, and Mainstream Media outlets like NPR are simply the mouthpiece for the radical leftist propaganda in America! Sadly, it is a condition that is growing like cancer in our nation’s universities and schools, as pro-Marxist professors and educators miseducate the youth of our nation into believing Socialism is great, and Capitalism is bad! It is a condition that is being propagated in America’s so-called news outlets, who have transformed into political mouthpieces for the most radical ideologues in America, as they push their pro-Marxist, pro-socialist hatred on those who dare to defend America, whether it be the constitution of the United States, the freedoms that it bestows upon ‘We the People’, or the American people themselves. Ironically, new reports show that even though our nation’s youth have bought into that lie, they fail to understand what the tenants of Socialism or Capitalism actually are! That cancer has spread to our nations Elitists in corporate leadership and in Hollywood, as they allow their own greed and fame to seduce them into becoming the mouthpiece for Marxism today! That cancer has even infiltrated the halls of Congress, and throughout our nations governmental leadership, as they have been strategically placed ideologues in places of power, to try to push the left-wing agenda, in an attempt to amass greater control, greater power, and greater wealth!