By: Brian Evans

As the Democrat Party continues to attack men, in lockstep with the radical left-wing Socialists in the Mainstream Media and throughout Corporate America, their sexist rhetoric is becoming deafening! In fact, just this past week, after Republicans burst into the Democrats corrupt impeachment inquiry, demanding a fair and open hearing, Democrat Rep. Jackie Speir attacked Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, as well as his fellow male colleagues by calling their act…

“a high school prank by a bunch of 50-year-old white men.”

However, the male-hating Democrat fails to note that there were female GOP Reps. who took action, alongside their male colleagues! Furthermore, if Gaetz had stated that Democrats were just a bunch of 50-year-old black women, Democrats would cry foul and demand action against the Republicans! They would bemoan the act as racist and sexist!

The Gateway Pundit reported that…

Rep. Gaetz was responding to an interview on Morning Joe in which Rep. Speier said that their protest was

“Did she say we were a bunch of white men?” Gaetz asked. “What does the fact that we are white men have to do with our desire to represent the millions of constituents we serve?”

“I was deeply offended by that,” he continued. “When Jackie Speier walks in a room, I don’t sit there and say a white woman came in…This is the type of identity politics from the left that seems to permeate any substantive or procedural arguments they make, and it’s sickening to me that that’s how we would be thought of…It’s just really kind of sickening.”

Gaetz, along with approximately two dozen other members of the GOP, had stormed the secret closed-door deposition of Laura Cooper in protest of the secretive hearing on Wednesday.


Already, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced that it will be cutting men out of the November 20th Democrat Presidential debate, as well as, they are eliminating anyone who might bring any sense of balance to the debate, as they place some of the most radically left-wing, Trump-hating so-called moderators in America! It is as if they tried to pick the most radical women in the Mainstream Media as possible!

Breitbart News reported that the

upcoming presidential primary debate will be moderated by an all-female panel amid concerns over the event’s neutrality and sinking viewership.

The debate, which is being sponsored by The Washington Post and MSNBC in Georgia on Nov. 20, will be moderated by NBC News’s Andrea Mitchel and Kristen Welker, The Washington Post’s Ashley Parker, and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

As the Post reported when announcing the lineup, the November debate will mark the second time in history that an all-female panel has moderated such an event. It is unclear, however, if the gender of the moderators will be enough to allay doubts and concerns about the neutrality of the DNC and the NBC networks

Sadly, in recent years, masculinity has been under attack, as America and the world abandon God and his principles! Boys are treated as troubled or defective. In colleges and universities, boys are presumed guilty until proven innocent of rape charges, regardless of times when it has been proven that they were innocently accused. Furthermore, their guilt until proven innocence arises not from their own personal history, but the fact that they are male, and today, male masculinity is considered criminal! Also, from youth, boys are being medicated at astounding rates for ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder), as compared to their female counterparts, only because the boys are more energetic and rough-house more than the girls.  In fact, forensic psychologist Dr. Helen Smith, who wrote the book “Men on Strike” pointed out that it is a symptom of policies that have been forced upon, and have been shaping public schools for the last 30 to 40 years. She said…

“People don’t know how to deal with boys, and what they’re doing is … using drugs as an avenue for having boys be cooperative and fitting into a school system that often times they don’t fit into.”

In college, the “rape culture” has been blamed on masculinity, but nearly all the incidents of actual rape stem from boys who have come from homes that are either missing a male father to role-model what it truly means to be a man and to serve as an example to their child. In fact, a ‘real man’ who is truly masculine demonstrates to their young boys how to respect women, how to be a father, and ultimately what it means to be a man! Instead, we have Progressives pushing God away from families, eroding the family unit with sickened and perverted ideas of what it means to be a family!

There was a time in the history of our nation, where being a ‘masculine man’ meant working hard to provide for one’s wife and children. It meant opening the doors for your wife out of respect and love. It meant being a ‘role model’ for not only your young boys but showing the girls how they should be loved and cherished by men! It meant having dinner together as a family so that you can discuss the events of the day, pray to God for all the blessings everyone has received, and COMMUNICATING WITH EACH OTHER as a family unit!

Today, Progressive activists demonize men’s masculinity, rather than the real source of violence, perversion, and men who have no clue what it truly means to be a man. Instead, the radical left-wing activists decry masculinity as the cause of ‘rape culture on college campuses, teaching boys and girls that feminism is good, and masculinity is bad and evil. Consequently, it has led to a growing problem of hoaxes that accuse men of gang rapes, like in when the Rolling Stones magazine falsely accused a fraternity, which later was proven to be fabricated. Still, it caused irreparable harm to the young men that were targeted, and all because they were men!

Furthermore, it has caused an even larger divide for women, who are being taught that they cannot trust ANY MAN, simply because he is a man. They are teaching young girls that men are inherently evil, preying upon women, and unnecessary in life.

As a consequence of the gender divide, women and men are choosing to be single, engaging in out-of-wedlock fornication, rather than embracing each other as partners, as equals in life through marriage. The fornication has led to abortion becoming a norm, as more than 15% of children are being killed, rather than coming to term. The statistics skyrocket from there, as out-of-wedlock teens and young adults abort their babies at even higher rates.

Furthermore, if America and the world continue down this path of division and discourse, both men and women will sink deeper into loneliness and isolation! They will struggle to find purpose and meaning in their lives! In addition, suicides will go up, as the meaning and purpose of life become cloudy, disillusioned, and non-existent! Yes, today’s feminists say that they want gender-neutrality in the world, as they erode the relationship that men have with their wives, sons, and daughters, but is what they want are socialism and Marxism. They know that in order to achieve those ends, they need Americans to be desperate, have no faith to answer their questions, no husbands or wives to give them support, and no children to give them aspirations to do the right thing for their future! That is why they want to promote promiscuity amongst children, rather than let children be children, distrust amongst men and women, and demoralize society in general! Today, It is a condition that is the modern-day plague for America and the world. A plague that is infecting our world, our nation, our cities, our communities, our televisions, our movies, our faith, our spouses, and our children!