By: Brian Evans

After Pelosi and her left-wing attack dogs skirted and evaded Congressional procedures, and fair hearings, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) called out their ruse for what it is…

“Soviet Style” rules.

Scalise passionately stated on the floor of the house…

“In fact, in this resolution, it allows the chair to veto even the ability for the president to have legal counsel in the room, if the chair chooses. At his whim they can literally kick out the president’s legal counsel.”

Scalise adds that…

“this is unprecedented… totally unprecedented… this is soviet-style rules! Maybe in the Soviet Union you do things like this, where you reject the ability for the person you’re accusing to even be in the room to question what’s going on for anybody else… when only one person has the right to call witnesses… and as we saw just the other day the chairman was literally directing the witness to not answer certain questions by the Republicans. What kind of fairness is that? Maybe you think it’s fairness if you can run roughshod over somebody, because you got the vote, but that’s not how impeachment was supposed to go.”

Scalise went on to state that…

“In fact Alexander Hamilton himself during the debate on the constitution in The Federalist Papers Alexander Hamilton warned of days like this, and I quote”

‘the greatest danger is that the decision on impeachment will be regulated more by the comparative strengths of parties then by the real demonstrations of Innocence or guilt!’

“Alexander Hamilton warned about days like today. This is not what we should be doing! Clearly, when you ask the American people who know that we are paying higher drug prices, and they see that there’s bipartisan legislation to lower drug prices that won’t come to this floor, because of their infatuation with impeachment! We don’t even have a bill to formally pay our troops, and make sure they have the tools they need to defend this country, because there’s such an infatuation with impeachment!”

He concludes by stating…

“Speaker… when you look through this resolution, and you see how one-sided, how soviet-style this is running… this is the United States of America! Don’t run a sham process, a tainted process, like this resolution ensures!”

The US House of Representatives voted on Thursdays, in regards to the Impeachment proceedings, as it passed along Party lines! In fact, the Democrat Party’s impeachment proceedings are called the Schiff Empowerment Act, which gives the radical left-wing and Trump-hating California Representative Adam Schiff, ultimate power over the proceedings! It gives him sole power to block Republicans from releasing facts and transcripts, as well as their ability to call witnesses. The Trump White House will be completely blocked from the process and neither Republicans nor The White House will be allowed to question the Democrat witnesses at all!

Therefore, Rep. Scalise and his fellow Republicans are correct, as these rules and proceedings are reminiscent of the former communist Soviet-Union…Russia today!

Ultimately, while this ‘collective-based’ attack on the Constitution and our President continues, the American people will have the final answer, and that answer will come in 2020, as Democrats will pay a dear price in the ballot box!