By: Brian Evans

Within hours of President Trump giving the green light for the United States military to strike into the heart of the Islamic State, the Washington D.C. crowd at the Washington D.C. Nationals 5th game of the World Series booed the President, as the commentator introduced him and his wife Melania! In addition, the gathering of D.C. wealthy elitist in the crowd chanted “Lock him up”, while the owners of the team denied the President the customary first pitch, that they typically afford to any visiting President!

Sadly, it is in stark contrast to the President’s massive crowds that he draws in, from cities and rural areas across the nation, who show him respect, not only because they support his Presidency, but because they respect the office of the Presidency!

Apparently, the swamp-ridden city of wealthy elitists, who hate Middle Americans, don’t adhere to the same set of standards, as they showed how rude and classless they truly are…

Ironically, it reminds me of the ‘Hunger Games’, with those who lived in the ‘Capital’, as they lived in lavish luxuries, dining on the finest of foods, entertaining themselves with grandest of games, and all while those in Middle America were shunned as outcasts, and merely numbered citizens, rather than ‘citizens of the capital’!

However, in our America, the citizens of America have a leader who is fighting against the bureaucratic America hating swamp, who care merely about their own luxury, as well as, their own power!