By: Brian Evans

On October 28th, Colonel Alexander Vindman was the witness in Adam Schiff’s basement secret courtroom, and he showed up, decked out in full dress uniform, to testify on the President’s Ukrainian policy!

Interestingly, questions began to immediately emerge, as National Security Council staff are not supposed to even wear their military uniform, but he did! Republicans began asking if it was staged for political theatre? Why was he violating protocol, to testify before a secret court? But in the coming hours, the questions only continued to pile up, as Vindman seemed to insinuate that even though the President is elected by the people to implement foreign policy, the National Security Council (NSC), of who he works for, didn’t approve of his policies, and determined themselves, that the President should be impeached, for violating the unelected bureaucrats (aka Deep State) operatives own personal beliefs and agenda!


But it gets worse! When Republicans tried to question him, or even ask with who Vindman shared out that information with, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) shut down the questioning, as the Democrats gave him the power to disallow all Republican questions or requests for witnesses!

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge also noted that Colonel Vindman likely may have violated the federal leaking statute 18 USC 798 by leaking out the president’s classified call to others.

To make matters worse, Colonel Vindman even admitted UNDER OATH that he had tampered with and tried to alter the transcript of President Trump’s call to the Ukrainian President, but failed!

The New York Times reported:

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, told House impeachment investigators on Tuesday that the White House transcript of a July call between President Trump and Ukraine’s president omitted crucial words and phrases, and that his attempts to include them failed, according to three people familiar with the testimony.

The omissions, Colonel Vindman said, included Mr. Trump’s assertion that there were recordings of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. discussing Ukraine corruption, and an explicit mention by Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, of Burisma Holdings, the energy company whose board employed Mr. Biden’s son Hunter.

Colonel Vindman, who appeared on Capitol Hill wearing his dark blue Army dress uniform and military medals, told House impeachment investigators that he tried to change the reconstructed transcript made by the White House staff to reflect the omissions. But while some of his edits appeared to have been successful, he said, those two corrections were not made…

…The phrases do not fundamentally change lawmakers’ understanding of the call, which was first reported by the C.I.A. whistle-blower whose complaint set off the impeachment inquiry.

However, when anyone questioned the validity of Vindman’s statements or anyone who dared question the reputation of a Lieutenant Colonel, a handful of Trump-hating Republicans condemned any Republicans or Conservatives who question his loyalties! For example, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) called those questioning Vindman’s patriotism “shameful.” She stated…

“Questioning the patriotism, questioning the dedication to the country of people like Mr. Vindman, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, who will be coming today and others who have testified. I think that we need to show that we are better than that as a nation,” the House Republican Conference Chair told reporters on Capitol Hill Tuesday. “Their patriotism, their love of country, we are talking about decorated veterans who have served this nation, who have put their lives on the line and it is shameful to question their patriotism, their love of this nation and we should not be involved in that process.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said…

“I’m not going to question the patriotism of any of the people who are coming forward,”

Sen. Mitt Romney(R-UT) called the attacks against Vindman…

“absurd, disgusting, and way off the mark.”

Now, the Gateway Pundit has even revealed that Alexander Vindman, who was Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) star witness is connected to Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simposon, and former President Obama’s Trump-hating Russian Ambassador. They wrote…

Obama’s former Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul jumped in with Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney on anyone who called Vindman out for spying on President Trump in the White House.

They cited an NBC report which stated…

Michael McFaul, a former ambassador to Russia in the Obama administration, praised Vindman in a tweet Monday night and called the attacks on the witness “shameful.”

“I served with Lt. Colonel Vindman in Moscow,” McFaul wrote. “Vindman is a patriot, who has served his country with honor and distinction, both on and off the battlefield. He was an absolutely first-rate military attache at the embassy, one of the best on the team.”

Ironically, Vindman has been engulfed in corruption and controversy! In fact, McFaul was President Obama’s Ambassador to Russia and his connections to corruption abound!

The Gateway Pundit reported that as a result of the meeting in Helsinki between President Trump and Russian President Putin, they reported the following…

Russian prosecutors have named the former US ambassador in Moscow as a person of interest in an investigation – and Michael McFaul appears to be quite unnerved. He seems to think Russian President Vladimir Putin is after him. The evidence seems to point to Michael McFaul being the bag-man in Moscow for Clinton and Obama rather than just a Government employee.

To make matters more deeply concerning, it was McFaul who spearheaded the attack against President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, when it became known that Giuliani was investigating Ukrainian corruption related to the 2016 Presidential election, the Biden’s pay-for-play quid-pro-quo scandal, and into Ukraine’s efforts to help the Democrats throw President Trump out of office!

Also, the Pundit reported that in May of 2018 that McFaul has a seriously troubling past. They pointed out that Politics Central detailed that McFaul was one of the first individuals to discuss the never verified Russian hack of the DNC. They added that…

There is a 06/14/2016 article on Politico written by Daniel Strauss entitled, “Russian Government Hackers Broke into DNC Servers, Stole Trump Oppo; The Hackers had Access to the Information for Approximately One Year.” In that article, Strauss includes a comment attributed to Michael McFaul:

Michael McFaul, who served as U.S. ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014, called the hack “meddling in our personal affairs.”

“I am sure they intended to do this without being caught,” he told POLITICO. “They wanted to obtain the information without it being detected. That’s a kind of target that would make sense — in terms of them wanting to know things about what is going on here. Whether they were doing it to try to try to [sic] manipulate our political process, I’d have to think about that.”

He added: “Russia has tremendous capabilities, both the Russian government and their proxies and people somewhat affiliated with the government. We always underestimate their capabilities.”

First, such an odd choice from whom to seek a comment. What qualifications or expertise render McFaul an authority on matters such as Russian hacking? A search of Michael McFaul’s history shows he served as US ambassador to Russia two years prior to the Politco article, and what’s more, he previously made the news because Obama assigned McFaul to be an ambassador without having any prior diplomatic skills, to a major country like Russia too.

In the Politics Central Article, Manny points out that soon after McFaul was appointed Ambassador to Russia, various communist leaders came to the United States Embassy to visit McFaul!

Also, the Gateway Pundit highlighted other serious concerns, as they reported…

Perhaps the most shocking observation of McFaul is related to his invitation in front of Congress at a Foreign Affairs Committee. Pictures of the event are telling, not necessarily because of McFaul, but rather because of the individual he has sitting directly behind him, Natalia Veselnitskaya.

McFaul’s Congressional hearing occurred eight days after the now famous Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya met with Donald Trump Jr. This meeting resulted in Donald Jr. being interrogated for hours by Congress over his meeting with Veselnitskaya.

They added that…

Veselnitskaya, who attended a Women’s March in Chicago, the day after President Trump was inaugurated, has denied any connections with the Kremlin. She is now famous for the following –

Veselnitskaya met with Donald Jr. during the 2016 presidential election campaign after a promise to deliver damaging opposition research that would prove Hillary Clinton’s collusion with the Russian government.

Donald Jr. has admitted no such research was obtained and that the meeting was essentially fruitless.

What is more shocking is that Veselnitskaya met with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, before and after her meeting with Donald Jr. Fusion is the firm behind the phony Trump-Russia dossier that was never confirmed and very possibly all made up but nevertheless was used by Obama’s Deep State to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on President Trump.

Then, if matters couldn’t get worse for the Vindman and the Democrats plot, Vindman has been connected to Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson, who was behind the fake anti-Trump Russian dossier, which set off the Mueller Special Council, and cost the United States taxpayers tens of millions, as well as damage to our governments reputation!

In another Gateway Pundit report, they noted how…

Vindman is also connected to Glenn Simpson.  Vindman was in Eurasia, specializing in Russian affairs, at the same region as Glenn Simpson, who was also specializing in Russian affairs was there, as well as Christopher Steele, who was also specializing in Russian affairs at the time.  Trey Gowdy uncovered this in Simpson’s testimony in front of Congress –

Now, as the fallout from an apparently corrupt witness, who was set up by Deep State operatives AGAIN, The Daily Mail reported…

The most senior Republican on the House Intelligence Committee last night accused Democrat panel chair Adam Schiff of coaching a Trump impeachment inquiry witness during closed-door testimony.

Republicans and Democrats clashed angrily during Tuesday’s deposition of by Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council official overseeing Ukraine policy.

Representative Devin Nunes told Fox News: ‘I have never in my life seen anything like what happened today.’

Nunes claimed: ‘I mean, they’ve been bad at most of these depositions, but to interrupt us continually to coach the witness, to decide… what we’re going to be able to ask the witness,’ he described the conduct as ‘unprecedented.’

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) expressed his outrage with Sean Hannity, as he stated…

“I have never in my life seen anything like what happened today. I mean they’ve been bad in most of these depositions. But to interrupt us continually, to coach the witness, to decide whether or not, what we’re going to be able to ask the witness, and we don’t even get any witnesses at this point. And it doesn’t look like we’re going to get any ever. But to not let us ask questions? I’ve never had that. And to see someone coach a witness? This isn’t the first time. Schiff is very good at coaching witnesses. Remember? He also met with the “whistleblower.” So this is just unprecedented.”

Via: Fox News…

Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media and Democrats played Liz Cheney’s, Mitch Mcconnel’s, or Mitt Romney’s remarks over and over, using those Trump-hating RINO’s words to try to legitimize a man who has raises serious concerns with his ties to radicals, violations of protocols, and his openly admitting to violating national security, altering documents, and colluding with criminals!

Meanwhile, Americans ALREADY HAVE THE TRANSCRIPT OF THE CALL THAT IS IN QUESTION VINDICATING THE PRESIDENT, but Democrats don’t care, and continue to move forward with their impeachment charade!

In fact, it seems that according to the Democrats and radical left, anyone who tries to bring down a President of the United States, dare not be questioned, have their testimony scrutinized or verified, or intentions considered! That is, at least if their name is Donald J. Trump! Just imagine how many Presidents like Barack Obama or Bill Clinton would fare if they endured the same scrutiny, the same hate, or the same hap-hazard and corrupt standards that the Democrats are using against President Trump today!