By: Brian Evans

Earlier in October, California advanced even more pro-criminal legislation, as they banned private prisons in the state, and banned illegal immigration detention centers! It is part of a new effort by Governor Newsome (D-CA), to put criminals’ welfare, before that of law-abiding-citizens!

According to the Los Angeles Times, the bill was authored by Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Llmeda), and he said that…

“AB 32 will prevent the state from entering into or renewing contracts with for-profit prison companies after Jan. 1, 2020, and phase out such facilities by 2028. The bill earned final approval from the Assembly on Sept. 11 by a vote of 65-11, a day after it cleared the Senate. By ending the use of for-profit, private prisons and detention facilities, we are sending a powerful message that we vehemently oppose the practice of profiteering off the backs of Californians in custody, that we will stand up for the health, safety and welfare of our people, and that we are committed to humane treatment for all.”

This new bill will affect more than 5,400 detainees and inmates, leaving little choice but to release hardened criminals onto the streets, where they will likely commit more crimes against innocent civilians! However, regardless of the problems and dangers, Governor Newsom wrote…


NBC News reported that Paige D. Hughes said that the ban will make detaining illegals more difficult! He said…

“The idea that a state law can bind the hands of a federal law enforcement agency managing a national network of detention facilities is wrong. In this situation, ICE will likely have to transfer individuals a greater distance from their arrest location to where they’d be detained.”

Currently, California is spending approximately $13.5 billion per year in correctional expenditures, and the state is broke! Therefore, this means that as private prisons are forced to close, the state will not be able to sustain the financial burden, not to mention the illegal alien issues! Regardless, the left doesn’t care about bankrupting the government! Instead, they only care about power and their own wealth, at everyone else’s expense!

Ironically, in 2014, out of a desperate need to solve severe overcrowding in the states prison system, California turned to private prison facilities to address the growing crisis! In fact, TruthOut reported in 2011 that…

the US Supreme Court ordered California to reduce its prison overcrowding. In response, the state has contracted with the for-profit Corrections Corporation of America to send male prisoners to out-of-state prisons in Arizona, Oklahoma and Mississippi. It began a program known as realignment, in which people convicted of lower-level non-serious, non-sexual offenses serve their sentences in county jails rather than state prisons. It also converted Valley State Prison for Women, one of three state prisons for women, into a men’s prison. Women were sent to the neighboring Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF), the California Institution for Women (CIW) in Corona and a newly-opened 400-bed prison in Folsom.

The overcrowding has caused a strain on medical services in both CCWF and CIW. In December 2013, court medical experts released an evaluation of CCWF’s health care. “We find that the Central California Women’s Facility is not providing adequate medical care, and that there are systemic issues resulting in preventable morbidity and mortality and that present an on-going serious risk of harm to patients,” the evaluation stated. “We believe that the majority of problems are attributable to overcrowding, insufficient health-care staffing, and inadequate bed space.” In 2012, six deaths occurred at CCWF – five from terminal cancer and one from complications of end-stage liver disease. Seven deaths occurred at CCWF in 2013, including one from complications of sepsis (a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection). The medical experts noted several problems with the care of that particular patient, including medical staff’s failure to remove a catheter that had become unnecessary nine months earlier.

The report also noted serious problems with continuity of care for people transferred from Valley State to CCWF, problems with quality care for chronic diseases, a fragmented medical intake process resulting in a lack of identification and treatment of serious medical conditions, and an insufficient number of beds and providers in the prison’s Skilled Nursing Facility.

Overcrowding at CIW has also led to deteriorated medical conditions and an unusually high number of deaths. In 2013, five deaths occurred (compared to one death in 2012). According to the office of the federal receiver, which oversees medical care in California’s prisons, from January to April 2014, CIW has had five more deaths.

Alicia Thompson, also known as Gypsy to her friends, was one of those 10 women. On February 24,, 2014, her mother Margie received a phone call from the prison stating that her daughter had hung herself and that she had less than two weeks to claim her body. Margie, who had spoken to her daughter three days earlier, doesn’t believe her daughter committed suicide. “She called every week. She seemed happy,” she told Truthout. “But lots of things were happening in that prison. She told me that one girl passed away [a month earlier], but no one was talking about it.”

However, the report didn’t stop there! In fact, in addition to the lack of care due to overcrowding, they were also rampant with sexual abuse against the prisoners! It was noted how…

Jayda Rasberry worked in the kitchen with Thompson when they were both incarcerated at Valley State Prison. She also doesn’t believe that Thompson committed suicide. “She was a very fun person. She never talked about hurting herself,” she told Truthout. “We all had our feelings about being inside, but she wasn’t a depressed person.” Rasberry was also close friends with 32-year-old Shadae Schmidt, who died the following month of a heart attack. On February 3, 2014, while in CIW’s solitary confinement unit, Schmidt suffered a stroke. She was taken to the hospital and, within two weeks, returned to solitary confinement. “She had had strokes before, but she had been getting help for that,” Rasberry recalled. “But once she was moved from VSPW, she was given the wrong medication.”

After her return to CIW following her stroke, Schmidt was given medications that made her sick. She died of a heart attack on March 13, 2014.

Family members have reported that their loved ones have complained about staff harassment and brutality. One relative shared a letter from a loved one at California Institute for Women (CIW):

I was returning to my cell when a staff member appeared out of nowhere. She grabbed my wrist and started dragging me behind her down the hall. She was yelling “You do not belong out here.” It was not necessary to use force on me. I would have went to her or stopped walking had she asked me to. I have put in a complaint but I fear now they will start messing with me or allow another inmate to beat me.

A woman recently released from CIW told Truthout that staff members have been targeting masculine-appearing women in particular. “They don’t have to do anything,” she said. “Even a woman just asking for more tampons will get them pepper sprayed.”

Now, less than five years later, they have deemed the incarceration of criminals cruel, and are beginning to release felons into the streets, where they wreak havoc and crime upon the law-abiding civilians, which has led to an increase in murders, drug abuse, robberies, and other crimes! Also, the State’s banning of private prisons, and the inevitable increase in release rates amongst convicted felons, combined with the astronomical cost of living that has strangled Californians due to their Democrat-led policies, will lead to an even higher rate of homelessness, drug abuse, and thus more crime on the streets of California cities! Sadly, the state is already plagued with the homelessness of the people!

In fact, homelessness has become a plague and plight on the citizens of California! It is due to the fact that Democrats have embraced a notion of what they call ‘democratic socialism’, as they claim it is a new type of Socialism, that benefits the people! Bernie Sanders and so-called Democratic Socialists define it as…

“When The 99% Stand Up Against the 1%”

However, does it really represent the 99%? In truth, NO! In fact, the very idea of ‘Democratic Socialism’ is a fiction, an oxymoron, and a mythological idea, and California is a prime example for why Democratic Socialism is a lie! In fact, it has proven that it is the top 1% suppressing the voices, the lives, and the success of the other 99%!

At ENR, we have previously and extensively documented and reported how any kind of Socialism, as defined by proponents and opponents, as the absence of private property. Therefore, it results in the end of individuals and corporations owning, improving, and exchanging resources, goods, and services. The elimination of private property is a central feature of socialism.

Meanwhile, no matter how you serve it up, how you dress it, or how you glorify Socialism, other nations have repeatedly tried the same Socialist slop that Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, and other Democrats are trying to shove down the throats of the American people, regardless of Socialist nations being unable to maintain their struggling countries, and many have failed altogether throughout history!

Now, throughout pockets of America, there are states and cities who have become completely controlled by so-called Democratic Socialists, as they pleaded with their voters to put them into office, and they would show ‘compassion’ towards the poor, the homeless, the criminals, and the drug afflicted! As a result, cities like Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Sacramento, Chicago, Portland, and even entire states like California have become wholly or predominantly controlled by pro-socialist Democrats! Now, as a result of the voters giving them power, they have decimated businesses, corporations, and entire industries, in their effort to control all aspects of economic activity! That has resulted in a restriction of the citizen’s available choices and decisions, and a loss of the individual’s political power over the government! Also, it has resulted in massive economic contractions, as businesses, corporations, and industries leave Democrat-controlled areas! Now, as a result of Marxist based legislation, it has led to massive job losses, home foreclosures, skyrocketing mortgages, and economic instability! That has led to homelessness, skyrocketing drug abuse, mental issues, and so much more!

Now, in cities across the nation, what started out as an alleged ‘movement of compassion’, has become uncompassionate! A movement that was said to be for the good of the 99%, has ravaged those very people, only to further enrich and empower the 1%, as the political elites gain power and wealth, while the 99% falls into desperation and dependence!

Today, the false idea of Democratic Socialism has misled entire cities and states to abandon the needs of each individual, for the good of the Elites, whether it is the Political, Social, or Fiscal Elites! Meanwhile, like all good Marxists, they have embraced and pushed the ideological concept of Socialism on their constituents, in their effort to control all aspects of economic activity, and to restrict the available choices and decisions of individuals, including political power of those individuals!

Sadly, history would tell us that Socialism has always led to the end of private property and markets, impoverishment, desperation, and even death! Ultimately, socialism is incompatible with democracy because democracy empowers the individual. Democracy tolerates dissent, individual differences, compromise! All of these ideals are impossible through Socialism, regardless of Socialism’s political and structural framework, whether it be a Dictatorship, Monarchy, Marxism, or a fancy and false-flag ideology like ‘Democratic Socialism’!

Ironically, Socialism cannot succeed without capital, which is why Margaret Thatcher’s famous quote came to a realization! In fact, Thatcher so eloquently said…

socialisms problem

After all, without capital, economic growth and justice have no sustainable sponsor! Therefore, Socialist or government-owned enterprises are starved for capital, such as roadways, subways, water and sewer systems.  Also, public utilities fail, as municipal finance would have no exchange and no investors, and it all would lead to derelict infrastructure everywhere.

Now, as a result of the radical left-wing Socialist/Marxist, or as they put it… ‘Democratic Socialist’ policies, too many American cities are faltering and failing, as they strip political and economic power from the people! Too many cities are falling into crime, as the people lose their homes, live on the streets, eat from trash cans, become addicted to drugs, and become desperate! As a result, too many American cities are becoming saturated with feces, drug needles, tents and shanty’s, as well as dilapidated homes! AND ALL THANKS TO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT, WHETHER YOU CALL IT MARXISM, COMMUNISM, FASCISM, SOCIALISM, OR DEMOCRATIC-SOCIALISM because they are all the same! A concentration of power and wealth from the hands of the many, into the hands of a few!

The following is the first, in a series on the cost of those left-wing Socialist policies that are already being embraced and realized in the United States of America, as it consumes entire cities and states! Sadly, too many left-wing Democrat controlled cities and States are leading their constituents into the ‘third-world’ realm of poverty, sickness, disease, and death, and at record speed!

Via: KOMO News

Now, as cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle continue to exacerbate the desperation and helplessness that the poor and once middle-classes are dealing with, their governments are now looking to eradicate not the problem, but the people who they look at as worthless, disgusting, and a blith on the city! For example, in Seattle, they have now proposed a $1Million dollar busing program for homeless, not designed to help them, but to get rid of them!

Fox News reported about Seattle’s so-called “homeless diversion program” as city officials call it, reporting…

A Seattle-area council member is pushing a $1 million proposal that would bus homeless people out of the state as part of a “family reunification” plan.

The plan, proposed by King County Councilman Reagan Dunn, would be a one- or two-year pilot program aimed at helping people who have someone in another state willing to take them in but can’t afford the cost of getting there.

Busing programs have been around for decades and have had varying degrees of success. While they can be a cheap and convenient way to connect people, critics warn it could lead to dangerous situations and say there’s no guarantee of permanent housing.

Democrat-led cities who are advocating for the shipping of the homeless masses on the streets of their radical leftist cities refuse to correct the policies that they implemented that caused the problems, which will lead to the eradication of the middle and poor in their cities of gold, while getting rid of those that they see as deplorable, by sending them to join those that they despise anyway…Middle Americans! Especially since many of those Middle Americans are truly compassionate, rather than acting as compassionate for political ends, like in those cities!

Fox News added that…

The city of Seattle and community organizers already offer free bus tickets as part of their broader approach to homelessness but Dunn’s proposal, unveiled Tuesday,  focuses on 1,000 homeless people who said they wanted to reconnect with family during a homeless count in King County back in January.

In that survey, 9 percent of respondents said “family reunification” was one piece of support they needed to get off the streets and obtain permanent housing. However, other things like rental assistance, clearing up credit history and obtaining IDs ranked much higher.

Dunn unveiled his proposal at a time when city and county officials are considering merging services to better combat rising homelessness in a region that has been dominated by tech companies like Amazon and where income inequality and skyrocketing housing prices are pushing more and more people onto the streets.

Seattle officials say its homelessness diversion program allows people to determine how the city can best help them, whether that’s deposit money for rental housing, car repairs or finding a way to return home for long-term support if it’s “a safe and realistic solution.”

The program was envisioned by city councilman Reagan Dunn (D-WA), who is a member of the cities Elitist and wealthy class in Bellevue, a wealthy suburb of the city!

Dunn said that Seattle is also considering future restrictions and less access of the homeless to city services, likely meaning shelters, and food!

Critics say that a mere shifting and reshuffling of the homeless will cause major problems for those on the streets, likely leading to more medical issues and even death!

Dunn said he doesn’t want to limit future eligibility for all homelessness services but those restrictions should be considered. He said he would support limits to prevent people from repeatedly getting bus tickets. Meanwhile, critics say that reshuffle an already vulnerable population and don’t address chronic homelessness. Tristia Bauman, a senior attorney at the National Law Center of Homelessness and Poverty stated…

“That type of program model is one that is pretty obviously not designed to end homelessness. It’s designed to get homeless people out of town.”

Therefore, in the end, as Democrats continue to push for policies that have led to a crisis in their cities, and in states like California, the problem only continues to grow, and be exacerbated by their own left-wing socialist policies! Democrat policies that have led to rampant crime, drug abuse, disease, and homelessness, and as they look to spread and blanket those policies from sea to shining sea, they are simultaneously looking to throw criminals out into the streets, which will only create more crime, drug addictions, murders, rapes, robberies, etc! As a result, they have exemplified not only how little they care about the American electorate who are not a part of their Elitist class, but it demonstrates the true heart of the Socialist and Marxist Elites agenda in these United States of America!