By: Brian Evans

New reports have become available that indicate that Rep. Adam Schiff, who is the most adamant and virulent Trump-hater in Congress, who has vowed to remove President Trump at any cost, and regardless of evidence!

Now, as the Democrats hold unprecedented closed-door impeachment proceedings, which are the first-ever to be held behind a closed door, and out of sight from Republican lawmakers, but especially from the public!

Now, it is being reported that Rep. Schiff (D-CA) has been implementing Soviet Russian-Style, Stalinist tactics against witnesses for testifying with information that doesn’t conform to what he wants them to report! In fact, when the former Ukranian Ambassador Volker testified, it has now been revealed that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who Pelosi put in charge of the impeachment inquiry, was not satisfied with his answers, as it backed up what the President has repeatedly said! Therefore, Schiff reportedly began to get stern, as he told the witness…

“Ambassador, you’re making this much more complicated than it has to be!”

Then, he repeated the same question, over and over, apparently hoping that he could get him to say something that would damage the President and give him ammunition to impeach the President!

Byron York at Washington Examiner reported that…

In a secret interview, Rep. Adam Schiff, leader of the House Democratic effort to impeach President Trump, pressed former United States special representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker to testify that Ukrainian officials felt pressured to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter as a result of Trump withholding U.S. military aid to Ukraine.

Volker denied that was the case, noting that Ukrainian leaders did not even know the aid was being withheld and that they believed their relationship with the U.S. was moving along satisfactorily, without them having done anything Trump mentioned in his notorious July 25 phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

When Volker repeatedly declined to agree to Schiff’s characterization of events, Schiff said, “Ambassador, you’re making this much more complicated than it has to be.”

The interview took place Oct. 3 in a secure room in the U.S. Capitol. While the session covered several topics, the issue of an alleged quid pro quo — U.S. military aid in exchange for a Ukrainian investigation of the Bidens and a public announcement that such an investigation was underway — was a significant part of the discussion.

Ultimately, if true, and Democrat Adam Schiff is threatening the Democrats’ witnesses behind closed doors, then it is reminiscent of how Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Communist Russians, who were famous for threatening those who refused to say what they wanted them to say, in order to get the desired result, which always has been to promote the good of the political elitists!

In other words, say what they want them to say, or be subject to repeated intimidation, in an effort to persuade them to offer the desired statement and result!

In the end, this Democrat-led never-ending impeachment sham must end, and these left-wing Marxist tactics must be ended! Ultimately, it is time that America returns to its traditional values and puts the interests of the American people first and foremost, rather than the interests of themselves and their Party!