By: Brian Evans

Once again, the Mainstream Media and Hollywood Trump-hating mania seems to have gotten the best of them, when on Saturday Night Live, they chose to perform a skit that made fun of the President, and his Make America Great Again slogan!

The Daily Mail reported:

SNL has poked fun at Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria by having cast member Pete Davidson play a recently-freed member of ISIS who thanks the President for ‘bringing back jobs for terrorists’.

Alec Baldwin returned to the program to play the Commander-in-chief in the sketch, which took place at a fictional Trump rally in New Mexico.

‘And where are you from?’ Baldwin asks Davidson’s character after inviting him up onto the stage.

‘ISIS!’ Davidson responds. ‘I was a prisoner in Syria until last week when you freed me, so I just wanted to say, thank you for bringing jobs back to ISIS.

He then cheers: ‘I promise that I will make ISIS great again!’

Baldwin, as Trump, responds: ‘Terrific. What that great guy. ISIS is back in a big, big way, folks. And we love that, don’t we?’

Ironically, just as SNL was ridiculing the President and his foreign policy, they were once again shown to be far from the truth! In fact, at the same time that the left-hating leftists were ridiculing the President’s fight against ISIS, the President’, the President tweeted out…

“Something very big just happened!”

Then, other reports that said…

“Video of raids by unknown warplanes set fire to Barisha and Hattan in the northern countryside of Idlib near the Turkish-Syrian border.”

Then, Newsweek reported that he was killed by a US special operations raid, which had targeted high-value ISIS targets like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was the leader of the Islamic State militant group ISIS!

Therefore, President Trump was certainly right, as something big, something huge happened, as America eliminated from the world, of one of the evilest and sickest human beings on earth!

One could say that they have poor timing, but in all actuality, since they attack the President relentlessly and incessantly, the ironies happen all the time!

Ultimately, while they should be lavishing praise and thanks, they only espouse hate and vulgarities! Therefore, their behavior and words are becoming more and more disgusting, with no end in sight!