By: Brian Evans

This past Tuesday, the kick-off of the 2019 professional basketball season began with controversy! Already, America saw Lebron James, who is the LA Lakers star forward, attack and denigrate the United States of America, and personally endorse China and their right to silence the ‘freedom of speech’ in America! It brought about a backlash from NBA great Shaquille O’Neil, as Shaq slammed his disrespect for a nation that made LeBron a very wealthy and FREE man! Regardless, LeBron not only refused to apologize, but he doubled down on Tuesday nights game, when he not only refused to say America’s national anthem, or even put his hand over his heart, but he chose to walk around screaming at the crowd to get the game started, as the national anthem played! Reports from Barstool Sports also indicate that he was calling for them to play the Chinese national anthem! Sadly, Barstool Sports has even been selling t-shirts in support of LeBron denouncing ‘free speech’ in America…

Already, LeBron has stirred anger, as he has already attacked the Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey, who he said “wasn’t educated”, because the GM proclaimed his support for the Hong Kong protesters who have heralded the United States, in their fight against the brutal and suppressive Communist Chinese government!

Ultimately, the NBA is extremely popular in China, and makes a majority of their money in China! As a result, the Chinese government has made demands upon the American organization to suppress free speech in America, and submit to their will, rather than be a truly free organization! It is similar to Nike, which has massive financial interests in China! Regardless, if these organizations want to be an America organization, and make American money, they should tread carefully, because although free speech is a constitutional right, so is the right of every American to make their own decisions, and to spend their own money, as they see fit! Therefore, as the NBA and members like LeBron continue to not only denigrate America but to intentionally demand others be punished for their free speech, this is a cowardly and traitorous act that will likely come back to bite them not only in their fan base but in the bank account as well!