By: Brian Evans

On Tuesday morning, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, went onto Good Morning America and blew up the former Vice President’s claim about his sons place on the board of Barisma! In fact, Hunter stated in his interview that nepotism made him a multi-millionaire off of his dealings with foreign countries such as China and Ukraine.

In his Tuesday interview, Hunter Biden detailed his lucrative career, and detailed how his father’s position allowed him to become successful! Hunter added that he had exercised “poor judgment” but added that he “did nothing wrong at all.” However, his admissions put the spotlight back on his father, as it would be criminal wrongdoing!

Hunter slammed the President for living in an Alice in Wonderland world and said that his father has been fully investigated and exonerated, yet video of the former Vice President shows Joe Biden actually admitting to criminal wrongdoing, and nobody has actually investigated the former Vice President, but instead he has been announced as exonerated by the Mainstream Media! Meanwhile, other investigative journalists have found truckloads of violations and criminal actions, on the part of the Bidens! Even Joe Biden admitted ON AIR that he committed a crime…

Regardless, Hunter Biden, much like his father, accused the President and his attorney Rudy Giuliani of criminal wrongdoing for daring to investigate the corruption of his father and himself!

Following the interview, President Trump stated…

Already, Hunter Biden has a history of criminal drug use, as he was kicked out of college for his drug problem! In addition, there is a truck-load of evidence that shows that not only did the Bidens profit in billions from Joe Biden’s position as VP, but they were both involved in a pay-to-play scheme with the Ukraine and likely China! A scheme that has made the family Billions in wealth, which should be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted!