By: Brian Evans

After several weeks of bashing President Trump about his decision to move 50 military advisors out of harms way in Northern Syria, and even going to the extent of claiming that America can expect another 9-11 attack against America if we leave northern Syria, he has now had a change of heart, following talks with the President on strategy!

Lindsey Graham joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday Night on Justice with Judge Jeanine to discuss the situation in northeastern Syria.

In fact, following a discussion with the President on Saturday night, Graham is now praising the President, stating that the President’s progress is historic, and is leading to one “hell of an outcome”!

On Fox News, Maria Bartiromo asked…

It could turn out very well? This is completely different than what you’ve been saying all week. You’ve been a staunch criticizer of the president’s move to pull all the troops out of Syria. You said, in fact, on this program just two weeks ago, “If we abandon the Kurds ISIS is going to come back and that there is an attack on our allies.” So you’ve changed your mind based on what you’ve heard from the president last night?

Senator Lindsay Graham responded by stating…

Yeah, I still believe if we abandon the Kurds nobody will help you in the future. They lost 10,000 fighters to destroy the caliphate… What I heard from the president is a very, play the ball as you lie, is a concept in golf. Well, after Erdogan’s invasion things have gotten scrambled in Syria. But I see a way forward now that really quite frankly is historic. Historic security for Turkey. Historic security for the Kurds. A plan to keep ISIS down and out forever… That would be a hell of an outcome.

Via Fox News Sunday Morning Futures

Just maybe, the Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen who give a knee-jerk reaction and trash the President’s policies should think before they speak, and simply pick up the phone, or stop by and visit the President about their concerns and hopes, rather than listen to the radical hate-Trump media! Unfortunately, Republicans have lived in fear of the Mainstream Media and Democrat attacks and hate-ridden smears. AS a result, they have played defense, rather than offense, and caved to the radical left’s agenda, rather than simply doing what they promised their constituents from the start!