By: Brian Evans

As the left-wing Media and war-hawks in Washington continue to beat the hate-Trump drums, it seems that they are willing to not only mislead the American people on the goings-on in Syria, but they are intentionally refusing to give incredibly false and deceptive information, designed to turn American voters against the President! For example, the Mainstream Media reported headlines like…

In addition, headlines began emerging like the following…

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However, that isn’t the real story behind the Syrian withdraw of American troops! In fact, the President only pulled out approximately 50 American servicemen and servicewomen from Northern Syria as the President and the Administration became concerned that their lives were in danger due to the ongoing war between the Kurdish and the Turkish military!

President Trump stated…

“Now Turkey is attacking the Kurds, who have been fighting each other for 200 years. We have one of three choices: Send in thousands of troops and win Militarily, hit Turkey very hard Financially and with Sanctions, or mediate a deal between Turkey and the Kurds!”

The Military Times Shawn Snow reported that…

A senior administration official told reporters Monday that Sunday’s announcement did not constitute a full U.S. withdrawal from Syria and that only 50 to 100 U.S. special operations forces were moving to other locations in Syria.

The official explained that Trump’s decision to move the special operators out of the zone of a potential Turkish operation was done to protect troops and keep them out of the crossfire.

Those troops are moving to more secure areas over the next several days, the official said.

Therefore, the Mainstream Media’s now apparent false narrative that the President has pulled Troops out of the area to abandon the Kurds, or that it was done under a lack of understanding of the goings-on in Syria and Turkey, is blatantly false and misleading! In addition, the Military Times reported that Jonathan Hoffman, the chief Pentagon spokesman said that…

“The Department of Defense made clear to Turkey — as did the president — that we do not endorse a Turkish operation in Northern Syria. The U.S. armed forces will not support, or be involved in any such operation.”

A U.S. soldier oversees members of the Syrian Democratic Forces on Sept. 21, 2019, as they demolish a Kurdish fighters’ fortification and raise a Tal Abyad Military Council flag over the outpost as part of the so-called “safe zone” near the Turkish border. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Andrew Goedl via AP)

In another Military Times report, they noted how in late September, Syria’s top diplomat demanded that the United States AND Turkey…

Syria’s top diplomat on Saturday demanded the immediate withdrawal of American and Turkish forces from the country and said his government reserves the right to defend its territory in any way necessary if they remain.

Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem’s remarks to the United Nations General Assembly were made as Turkey and the United States press ahead with a deal to create a safe zone along Syria’s border with Turkey.

On the political front, he reaffirmed the government’s support for the recently agreed committee to draft a new constitution for the country. As has been the government’s tone since the start of the 2011 uprising in Syria, the foreign minister took a hard line, stressing there must be no interference from any country or timeline imposed on the process.

Absent U.S. assistance in the region, America risks handing the reins of the country’s future to a resurgent ISIS, al-Qaida offshoots and the maligned interests of Iran, Russia and other actors in the region.

Therefore, as a result of the concerns over the resurgence possibility of ISIS and al-Qaida offshoots, reports indicate that the President decided to only remove 50 troops from Northern Syria, as to get them out of harm’s way, in the ongoing fight between the Kurds and the Turks! In fact, the Turkish government warned the United States that if American troops were not removed from the area, their lives could be in danger, as the now more than 8-year battle continues to escalate and risk an even greater number of troops and involvement in war throughout the Middle East!

Already, the President and his Administration have revealed that around  200 U.S. troops will remain in Syria for the foreseeable future, which is far from a complete withdrawal, and not at all like what the Mainstream Media and war-hawk politicians in Washington say, as they make it appear that President Trump pulled all American troops from the region, despite the reality of it proving otherwise!

Furthermore, in a report by Caroline Glick in the Israel Hayom, she detailed how President Trump did not betray the Kurds, and in fact, he made the right decision! She revealed that…

The near-consensus view of US President Donald Trump’s decision to remove American special forces from the Syrian border with Turkey is that Trump is enabling a Turkish invasion and double-crossing the Syrian Kurds who have fought with the Americans for five years against the Islamic State group. Trump’s move, the thinking goes, harms US credibility and undermines US power in the region and throughout the world.

There are several problems with this narrative. The first is that it assumes that until this week, the US had power and influence in Syria when in fact, by design, the US went to great lengths to limit its ability to influence events there.

Regardless, the radical left and the globalist war-hawk RINO’s have tried to create a false narrative, which never existed, but suits their purposes in attacking President Trump, and his foreign policy!

In fact, the Syrian war, which arose in 2011, broke out when the Syrian Sunnis rose up against the Iranian-backed regime of the ruthless President Bashar Assad! During the Obama Administrations’ tenure, they backed the Iranians and Assad, and ignored atrocity after atrocity, while also supporting the Turk’s effort to back a resistance military, which was filled with rogue terrorists including ISIS fighters and jihadis, who are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. In other words, President Obama backed rogue terrorists and the same radicals who wish to see the United States of America burn! Meanwhile, Obama ignored the growing ISIS terrorist forces gathering and deemed them a “JV squad”, despite them gaining ground in Syria, and taking most of Iraq!

Caroline Glick also wrote…

In 2014 Obama was negotiating his nuclear deal with Iran. The deal, falsely presented as a nonproliferation pact, actually enabled Iran – the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism – to develop both nuclear weapons and the missile systems required to deliver them. The true purpose of the deal was not to block Iran’s nuclear aspirations but to realign US Middle East policy away from the Sunnis and Israel and toward Iran.

Given its goal of embracing Iran, the Obama administration had no interest in harming Assad, Iran’s Syrian factotum. It had no interest in blocking Iran’s ally Russia from using the war in Syria as a means to reassert Moscow’s power in the Middle East. As both Michael Doran, a former national security adviser in the George W. Bush administration and Smith argue, when Obama was finally compelled to act against ISIS, he structured the US campaign in a manner that would align it with Iran’s interests.

Therefore, it is ironic, in that the now radical left has deemed President Trump’s movement of 50 soldiers as pandering to the Russians and the Iranians, because it isn’t, yet that was exactly what President Obama did, and the Media and radical left supported it wholeheartedly!

Glick added that…

Obama’s decision to work with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia in northern Syria because it was the only significant armed force outside the Iranian axis that enjoyed congenial relations with both Assad and Iran.

Obama deployed around a thousand forces to Syria. Their limited numbers and radically constrained mandate made it impossible for the Americans to have a major effect on events in the country. They weren’t allowed to act against Assad or Iran. They were tasked solely with fighting ISIS. Obama instituted draconian rules of engagement that made achieving even that limited goal all but impossible.

During his tenure as Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton hoped to revise the US mandate to enable US forces to be used against Iran in Syria. Bolton’s plan was strategically sound. Trump rejected it largely because it was a recipe for widening US involvement in Syria far beyond what the American public – and Trump himself – were willing to countenance.

In other words, the claim that the US has major influence in Syria is wrong. It does not have such influence and is unwilling to pay the price of developing such influence.

In addition, Glick pointed out how America has never had an interest in confronting Turkey to protect the Kurds! She notes that…

This misconception, like the misconception regarding US power and influence in Syria, is borne of a misunderstanding of Obama’s Middle East policies. Aside from ISIS’s direct victims, the major casualty of Obama’s deliberately feckless anti-ISIS campaign was the US alliance with Turkey. Whereas the US chose to work with the Kurds because they were supportive of Assad and Iran, the Turks view the Syrian Kurdish YPG as a sister militia to the Turkish Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The Marxist PKK has been fighting a guerilla war against Turkey for decades. The State Department designates the PKK as a terrorist organization responsible for the death of thousands of Turkish nationals. Not surprisingly then, the Turks viewed the US-Kurdish collaboration against ISIS as an anti-Turkish campaign.

She made the case that the Kurds are likely better allies for the United States than Turkey, as Erdogan has little interest in America’s plight or well-being. However, the President rightly is trying to keep America from entering war after war, and all wars which seem to have no end! Furthermore, although the Kurds have a vast and long history of persecution, they have blown a multitude of chances to establish their own independence, even as recently as 2017, when Glick points out that…

In Iraqi Kurdistan, the Kurds have governed themselves effectively since 1992. In 2017, they overwhelmingly passed a referendum calling for Iraqi Kurdistan to secede from Iraq and form an independent state. Instead of joining forces to achieve their long-held dream, the Kurdish leaders in Iraq worked against one another. One faction, in alliance with Iran, blocked implementation of the referendum and then did nothing as Kurdish-controlled Kirkuk was overrun by Iraqi government forces.

Today, if President Trump took on the additional responsibility of defending the Syrian Kurds, it would draw in the United States to the Syrian war, committing us to yet another endless battle, costing countless American lives, and further driving Middle Eastern civilizations to blame the United States for the plight of their people! Furthermore, American interests would only be harmed, being they have warm ties to Syria’s Assad, as well as, the terrorist-based Iranian Revolutionary Guard!

In truth, the Mainstream Media and the Democrats, as well as Trump-hating Establishment RINO’s who all want to see the President fail, have used his moving the mere 50 American soldiers as a false outcry and narrative, because if he had chosen to do nothing, those same outraged anti-Trumpers would have blamed the President for his failure to do his job and save the lives of 50 American soldiers! In addition, it would have driven America further into a neverending war!

However, what the President did do was promise to retaliate financially against the Turkish economy if they went in to hurt the Kurds!

Furthermore, Glick notes that…

Here it is critical to note that Trump did not remove US forces from Syria. They are still deployed along the border crossing between Jordan, Iraq, and Syria to block Iran from moving forces and materiel to Syria and Lebanon. They are still blocking Russian and Syrian forces from taking over the oil fields along the eastern bank of the Euphrates. Aside from defeating ISIS, these missions are the principle strategic achievements of the US forces in Syria. For now, they are being maintained. Will Turkey’s invasion enable ISIS to reassert itself in Syria and beyond? Perhaps. But here too, as Trump made clear this week, it is not America’s job to serve as the permanent jailor of ISIS. European forces are just as capable of serving as guards as Americans are. America’s role is not to stay in Syria forever. It is to beat down threats to US and world security as they emerge and then let others – Turks, Kurds, Europeans, Russians, UN peacekeepers – maintain the new, safer status quo.

Furthermore, the left’s assertions that President Trump has hurt American credibility in the region are flatly false! In fact, he has done more than anyone to rebuild the credibility of our nation with our allies, being Obama decimated it in regards to Israel and Sunnis, as he showed favor to the radical terrorist nation of Iran!

Ultimately, President Trump should continue on with his current policy positions rather than succumb to the false narrative of betrayal of those who wish to see him fail!