By: Brian Evans

In the past few years, the utter hate for our President, and all those who embody the values of our Founding Fathers, of freedom, and the Constitution of the United States has shifted from a simple bubbling to the surface, to a tidal wave of hate, disgust, and pure evil! In fact, those putrid and evil values have been pushed into the lives and minds of our children through colleges and universities, and on television and movie screens via left-wing Marxists in Hollywood! Sadly, the latest generation of voters who have been subjected to their hate and propaganda, are now emerging as the latest generation of Americans who are vocally and physically participating in violent actions against their fellow Americans for believing in the Constitution, supporting their country and President, as well as, worshipping the God Almighty!

Now, the radical left-wing loons from Tinseltown and the music industry are openly admitting their hate for America, everything it embodies, and yes…AMERICANS THEMSELVES! For example, Madonna threatened to blow up the White House, Snoop Dog and others put out videos of President Trump being shot, and of Kathy Griffen holding a severed bloodied head of the President! They have threatened and ridiculed the First Lady Melania Trump and her son Baron Trump, who is still a child! They have threatened, without any proof, to throw the President in prison, have him sexually raped, assaulted, and murdered, regardless of whether he committed any crimes or any evidence thereof!

Now, one of their left-wing lunatic Hollywood Elitists and actor Tom Arnold, has threatened to assassinate the President, as he tweeted…

The tweet came amid revelations that the President’s rally in Dallas, Texas had drawn massive crowds that began forming two days prior to his arrival, and that the crowds packed the arena, with an overflow crowd totaling more than 55,000 Americans!

Apparently, the Hollywood and Political Elitists don’t like the fact that President Trump is ‘The People’s President’, rather than a rubber stamp for the pro-socialist millionaire and billionaire social and political elites, like that of the Obama Administration, or Bush Administration!

Regardless, following an immense backlash, Tom Arnold deleted his tweet, but Twitter has refused to pull his account. However, the damage had already been done, as Tom Arnold’s tweet had spread like a virus across the digital world, as it poisoned the minds of vulnerable and unstable users throughout America and the world!

Democrats and their radical supporters like to accuse the President of election manipulation, but it seems like it is the radical left and their out-of-control supporters who push for election manipulation, inciting violence, pushing for threats, and encouraging crime and assassinations of Presidents, simply because President Trump refuses to subscribe to their hate-driven, war-mongering, elitist global Marxism that they seem to worship with their every breath!

May God watch over our nation, watch over our children, and protect our President of these United States of America!