By: Brian Evans

In a bit of irony, the Democrats who have for decades claimed to be the pacifists, as they called for America to stay out of wars around the world, and demanded that we bring our troops home! In fact, even when Barack Obama prematurely pulled troops home from Iraq, which did create instability in the region and allowed ISIS terrorists to flourish in the region, Democrats cheered his move, and defended his actions!

Then, as President Trump took the Presidency, he retook the Iraqi nation from the vile and hate-driven terrorists, and all while Democrats attacked his actions! Then, earlier this month, President Trump listened to his military leaders and pulled around 50 American soldiers who were stationed in Northern Syria to advise the Syrian Kurds, as the President became increasingly concerned that the troops would be in harm’s way, as the talks between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds continued to break down over Kurdish and Turkish ‘Safe Zones’! Ultimately, it proved to be the right call, as they would have likely been caught in the crossfire, and could have been killed, further escalating tensions between one of America’s long-time NATO allies!

Fox News reported that…

President Trump has met resistance from both parties after his decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria, but some of the rhetoric coming from Democrats is almost the opposite of what came from party members when President Barack Obama pulled forces out of Iraq.

California Democrats Rep. Maxine Waters and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for example, have been vocal opponents of Trump’s troop withdrawal, after supporting Obama’s efforts almost exactly eight years later.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated on Oct. 21st under Obama, that…

“As the war in Iraq draws to a close, it is my hope that this conflict will serve as a solemn reminder of the costs of war. We must carefully reexamine our approach to national security and how we view the United States’ role in promoting international peace and security.  If we are to remain leaders in the world, we must always use our best judgment to determine when and how we engage other nations and other actors – particularly if we are considering the use of military force.”

Waters’ approach to the United States’ role in world affairs is similar to Trump’s recent warnings against “fighting other people’s wars. However, on October 7th, Waters attacked President Trump for leaving the Kurdish forces to fend for themselves against their arch enemy, Turkey! For example, Rep. Maxine Waters stated…

“If the United States abandons the Kurds, these courageous allies will never trust us again. Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds is a gift to Russia, Iran and ISIS.”

However, Warren’s claims that the President had abandoned the Kurds to defend themselves against the Turkish attacks was blatantly false and misleading, because the American soldiers were not there to fight a war, but to advise the Kurds, while the United States, Kurdish forces, and Turkey continued to negotiate a safe zone in the region, amid growing tensions and escalating threats!

Also, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked President Trump, stating that his actions will lead to a resurgence of the ISIS terror group, as she stated…

“This reckless, misguided decision undermines the efforts by our brave servicemembers and our allies to end ISIS’s tyranny.”

Fox News added that…

While Republicans had similar concerns about withdrawing from Iraq in 2011, Pelosi praised Obama “for a promise made and a promise kept, honoring the U.S.-Iraq Security Agreement and the wishes of the American people to bring all our troops home by the end this year.”

Although Bernie Sanders, who has been an adamant opponent of the wars in the Middle East, he as well, joined in with his attacks against the President!

Ultimately, the President didn’t withdraw troops from Syria, despite how the Mainstream Media, Democrats, and even hawkish Republicans portray the President’s move! However, shifting 50 military advisors from Northern Syria to southern Syria is far from a withdraw! Granted, the President has promised to withdraw troops from endless wars in the Middle East, his move in this instance was not it! Although it may have been a precursor to a withdraw, there has been no evidence for that being the case!

President Trump stated that...

In the end, it doesn’t seem to matter what the President does, as the swamp in Washington D.C. will use it to promote their anti-Trump agenda, in the hope that they can impeach him, remove him from office, and ultimately appoint (NOT ELECT) a pro-establishment politician who will employ an un-Constitutional, un-American agenda that sees the implementation of a One-World Socialist Government with the political elites at the helm, with all the power, all the wealth, and with the ability to suppress the general population of the United States and the world!