By: Brian Evans

On Wednesday evening, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again stormed out of a meeting with the President, claiming that the President had a meltdown in the meeting, but many were questioning, as it was she who came storming out of the White House, in an irate manner, and seemingly furious!

Nancy Pelosi

Prior to the meeting with the President, the House had passed a resolution opposing President Trump’s decision to pull US troops out of Northern Syria, which ironically wasn’t what the President had done, only that he had pulled 50 military advisors from harms way in Northern Syria, and moved them into a safe region! Some point to the fact that the President has threatened to withdraw soldiers from Syria, even though it has not occurred yet!

Regardless, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) threw a tantrum and stormed out of the meeting, according to those in attendance, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). As Pelosi stormed out of the meeting, which is the third time she has done so in meetings with the Administration, she told reporters outside of the White House that Trump was “shaken up” and refused to cooperate. She stated that…

“That’s why we couldn’t continue in the meeting because he was just not relating to the reality of it.”

However, reports from inside the meeting painted a much different story, as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Pelosi for her juvenile and immature behavior.

Now, as additional reports begin to emerge, it has become apparent that the Democrats, including Pelosi and Schumer, began attacking the President’s position, and they refused to talk or even listen, only to attack and chastise the President, and his position on Syria! Ultimately, Congressional members noted that it made it difficult, if not impossible, to carry on any sort of meaningful talks or reach a compromise!

Finally, President Trump had enough of their hate and stonewalling, as he bested the Speaker, as he called out the Democrats newly embraced Marxist ideology, as he stated…

“Communists are involved in Syria, You might like that!”

Ironically, the President is right, as the Kurds in the region are communists! In fact, the Mainstream Media and Democrats have refused to let the American people know that the Kurds in the Syrian region are members of the PKK or the (Kurdistan Workers Party), which is a communist government!

Then, when Pelosi continued on her reportedly unhinged attack, President Trump calmly called her simply a…

“Third-grade politician!”

Senator Chuck Schumer said he was outraged, as he stated that…

He was insulting. Especially to the Speaker. She kept her cool completely. But he called her a third rate politician. He said that there were communists involved and you guys might like that.

The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft tweeted out Schumer’s response…

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy blasted Speaker Pelosi, as he pointed out Pelosi’s temper tantrum in the meeting, and as she stormed out of the meeting, and up to the Press! McCarthy also noted that following Pelosi’s departure from the meeting, the talks were

“calmer and more productive. I’ve been in a lot of meetings where individuals get heated with one another. I do not believe in that process, that you get up and you walk away. The other Democrats did not walk away. They stayed in the room and you know what happened when Speaker Pelosi left the room it seemed calmer; it seemed much more productive. This isn’t the first time that she [Pelosi] has done this. This isn’t the first time that I had to witness this.”

Ultimately, Pelosi and Schumer, as well as the Democrats and their Mainstream Media allies are trying to keep the focus on the impeachment of President Trump, and taking out anyone who stands in their way of implementing a global Marxist collective in the United States! Furthermore, the left-wing radicals who run the Party, have never been told no, or been expected to accept any ideas or serve anyone other than the interests of their global and political elites in America!