By: Brian Evans

This past week, House Democrat’s latest witness that they called before their Impeachment Inquiry hearing was Fiona Hill, a former White House Adviser! She spoke to three different committees, and chastized the President and his phone call with the Ukrainian President, as Democrats ate up her testimony like kids in a candy store! However, there was only one problem…FIONA HILL WASN’T EVEN WORKING IN THE WHITE HOUSE DURING THE TIME OF THE CALL! Instead, according to testimony, she admitted that the President’s call made her so mad and upset that she wanted to testify!

It occurred in a closed-door impeachment inquiry before Democrats, as they have morphed from lawmakers into more of an inquisition style body with Republicans and the American people being literally shut-out of the goings-on and information, as well as the American people!

Interestingly, the radical left-wing media celebrated her testimony, and promoted her as a key witness against the President, in regards to Ukraine and his phone call, even though her information was the same information any American who watched CNN would be qualified to give!

Intelligence expert Tony Shaffer stated…

In addition to her having no direct knowledge about the President’s call with the Ukrainian President, Fiona Hill had resigned before the call even took place! Therefore, SHE HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF ANYTHING IN REGARDS TO PRESIDENT TRUMP OR HIS CALL WITH THE UKRAINE! Regardless, the ‘resistance’ Democrats questioned her for 11 whole hours, and the ‘Destroy Trump Media’ promoted her as an expert witness against the President!

Via FOX News…