By: Brian Evans

New revelations arose this past week, as authorities became aware that Rod Rosenstein had secretly emailed Robert Mueller, just before his Special Counsel appointment, and told Mueller that…

“The boss doesn’t know about our discussions.”

The Watchdog Group known as Judicial Watch obtained documents through a FOIA lawsuit (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:19-cv-00481)), in which the former Deputy Attorney General’s communications showed damning information, in regards to the Mueller Special Counsel investigation! In fact, in the Deputy AG’s 145 pages of communications, showed how in a Rosenstein email dated May 12, 2017, which is a mere 5 days before Mueller was appointed as special counsel, assured Robert Mueller that

“The boss and his staff do not know about our discussions.”

Even more damning, is the fact that the communications show that Rosenstein leaked information to 60 minutes, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, around the time of Mueller’s appointment.

Judicial Watch wrote…

The time period referred to in this suit is critical. On May 8, 2017, Rosenstein wrote a memo to President Trump recommending that FBI Director James Comey be fired. The next day, President Trump fired Comey. Just three days later, on May 12, Rosenstein sent an email assuring Robert Mueller that “The boss and his staff do not know about our discussions.”

In a May 16, 2017 email, sent the day before Mueller’s appointment, Rosenstein emailed former Bush administration Deputy Attorney General and current Kirkland & Ellis Partner, Mark Filip stating, “I am with Mueller. He shares my views. Duty Calls.  Sometimes the moment chooses us.”

And on May 17 Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Also, during the same time period, between May 8 and May 17, Rosenstein met with then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and other senior Justice Department FBI officials to discuss wearing a wire and invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump.

The documents also show that, again during the same time period, Rod Rosenstein was in direct communication with reporters from 60 MinutesThe New York Times and The Washington Post. In an email exchange dated May 2017, Rosenstein communicated with New York Times reporter Rebecca Ruiz to provide background for this article about himself. Ruiz emailed Rosenstein a draft of the article, and he responded with off-the-record comments and clarifications.

During Mueller’s witch hunt, Rosenstein gave him the autonomy to expand the probe! Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton wrote…

“These astonishing emails further confirm the dishonest corruption behind Rosenstein’s appointment of Robert Mueller. The emails also show a shockingly cozy relationship between Mr. Rosenstein and anti-Trump media reporters.”

Therefore, as evidence continues to emerge about the Russia collusion Mueller Special Counsel investigation, all evidence points towards the radical left, as they work tirelessly to overturn the American voter’s voice in the 2016 election! Furthermore, at a cost of more than $35 million, and thousands of hours, the Special Counsel is likely one of the largest and most corrupt investigations in United States history! Especially since they have not been able to name one crime that President Trump has committed, nor have they been able to prove that he has committed any crimes! After all, IT IS A WITCH HUNT!