By: Brian Evans

Once again, the Mainstream Media has been caught red-handed, as they intentionally pass off fake news, in an attempt to try and taint the American people’s support of President Trump! In fact, the Gateway Pundit exposed how…

The fake news mainstream media is working overtime to push their propaganda to smear President Trump. The latest lies coming from the media is the footage of Turkish fighters in northern Syria.

They went on to note how it was revealed that ABC News was playing what they said was a video of the Turkish bombing of the Kurds in Northern Syria, but it was quickly realized that the footage wasn’t of the bombing of the Kurds! In fact, it wasn’t even recorded in Turkey, but in the United States itself! The Polish Patriot caught the fabrication and lies as they posted…

The Gateway Pundit detailed how the video was taken from the Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot, which took place on April 2016 in the United States, and was live in 2017! They even noted how in a closer view, you can see bystanders with cell phones recording the event. NOQ reported

Apparently, there is no low the lengths that the Mainstream Media will go to twist facts, in order to bring down President Trump or anyone who dares stand in the way of the radical Socialist left!