By: Brian Evans

As Joe Biden loses his frontrunner status, it appears that he is willing to abandon his so-called moderate platform on the campaign trail, and is now embracing a far-left ideology, especially against gun ownership!

In fact, during a ‘March for our Lives’ gun-control forum, he told MSNBC’s Gabby Giffords that it is time for lawsuits to reign in gun manufacturers, as well as, stressing that if he were granted a “wish list” for gun control, the first thing he would do is repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (2005). His reasoning involves the fact that gun manufacturers are protected from lawsuits that are put up against their companies due to guns being used in crimes, even though their guns were properly manufactured, and legally sold!

Biden said…

“No other outfit in history has gotten this kind of protection.”

He went on to say that the lawsuits would cause the manufacturers to “change overnight”, but how is that, being they would have no idea when, where, or who would commit crimes with a gun, just as none of the airline manufacturers could have known that their planes would be used on 9-11 to kill thousands in the Twin Towers, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon! Does that mean that car manufacturers would be responsible for bank robbers who commit crimes using their cars next?

Biden didn’t stop there though! In fact, Biden said that he would ban the manufacture and sale of AR-15s and require creating a registry of the AR-15s that are already in circulation.

Still, Biden wasn’t done! In fact, Breitbart news already reported how Biden said that he wants to register all ammunition magazines, as well as, they noted that Biden said that gun owners should be liable if they do not keep their firearms “under lock and key.”

Ultimately, Biden will say ANYTHING to garner American’s votes, regardless of it being right or wrong! Just wait, I’m sure he will shift positions again soon, when he realizes he needs to, in order to gain more votes in 2020!