By: Brian Evans

On Thursday night, as 45,000 supporters of the President’s 2020 Presidential campaign gathered in Minnesota, chaos broke out in the streets outside the convention center! Even though the MAGA rally-goers were assembling peacefully, there were radical left-wing activists who were assembling outside, and with much more sinister intentions! 

The protesters gathered and were sporting AntiFa terrorist outfits with their faces adorned with masks, as well as, radical leftists who were waving the Chinese Communist flag that bears the oppressive communist symbol, the hammer and sickle!

About half-way into the rally, the radical left-wing protesters outside were becoming more and more belligerent towards the Police, as well as violent! In fact, the Trump-hating leftists were calling the officers “PIGS”, as well as, other hateful and bigoted names, while they threw rocks, urine, and other objects at the Police and their horses, while they chanted that the Police were animal abusers for riding on the horses!

Then, the Gateway Pundit reported how the protesters were attacking the Trump rally-goers as they were leaving, as they ripped their MAGA hats off of them, threatened them, attacked them, and burned the hats in the streets, as it was reminiscent of Nazi Germany, with the rise of the Socialist NAZI Party!

The Gateway Pundit revealed how a reporter announced that following the rally, the streets were ‘not safe’ for Trump Supporters in the Area! They wrote…

Far-left protesters reportedly made a bonfire with dozens of ‘Make America Great Again’ hats stolen off the heads of people who attended Thursday night’s Trump rally in Minnesota. Blaze correspondent Elijah Schaffer reports that there were approximately 40 hats stolen and burned.

The protesters chanted “f-ck Trump around the pile of ashes and stolen burnt hats.

Schaffer tweeted that after burning the hats, “they then left the ashes as a vigil against fascism, leaving a f*ck Trump sign on the top of the pile This is tolerance. This is the left.”

The Minnesota rally was attended by 20,000 people, with an additional 25,000 supporters left gathering outside after the stadium was full.

They showed how the hate-ridden and violent leftist protesters were picking up barricades, waving the communist flag,  barricades and even waving the flag of communist China. Elijah Schaffer also exposed how they lit MAGA hats on fire, with vile language and accusations of Fascism, which is ironic, in that it is exactly what the protesters were embracing and promoting…

Rally-goers were also being attacked on their way out of the arena on Thursday night…


Sadly, this is the new left, the radical hate-driven left, who sees freedom as an atrocity, as they want don’t want anyone to have more than themselves, despite their refusal to work, and their refusal to strive for anything bigger than themselves! They see Conservatives as Fascists because it is easier to project and blame others for their own hate, their own sins, and their own lust for what other people have on those who follow the laws, the rules, and the Constitution of the United States! Unfortunately, it is the same misconceptions and motivations that led to the rise of the Communist Soviet Union, China, and Mexico, as well as, the rise of Fascist Nazi Germany! Ironically, in each of those Marxist based regimes, led those who put their faith and trust in the ideology, to being the same ones who underwent the greatest persecution and even extermination, following the Marxist regimes gaining ultimate power and wealth!