By: Brian Evans

On Tuesday evening, investigative reporter John Solomon appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show and revealed that new information has been recovered that shows that the so-called whistleblower’s report had omitted a major aspect of the information that vindicated President Trump once again! In fact, the new information showed that Ukraine had already re-opened their investigation into Joe Biden’s 41-year-old son, months before the President carried on the phone conversation with the leader of Ukraine! Somehow, that tidbit of information was either left out or deleted, in order to give the appearance of guilt upon the President, even though the act that they are accusing IS NOT A CRIME! In former Presidents and Congressional members ask for foreign governments to assist in investigations ALL THE TIME! However, now it appears that the only crime being committed is by the radical left-wing democrats who are actively trying to overthrow the elected leader of the United States of America!

Furthermore, the evidence, in addition to the phone transcript, shows that the President never threatened a quid-pro-quo, in regards to reopening an investigation into Joe Biden and his son, especially since the Ukrainians had reopened it MONTHS BEFORE!

John Solomon told Sean Hannity that…

I can confirm to you tonight. The US government had open source intelligence and was aware that as early as February in 2019 that the Ukrainian government was planning on reopening the Burisma investigation. This was long before the president ever imagined to have a call with President Zelensky. In fact it’s before President Zelensky was even elected. This is a significant shift in the factual timeline. This is information that was omitted from the whistleblower’s complaint.:

Via Hannity