By: Brian Evans

As the Ukrainian investigation into President Trump unearths evidence that begins to shift corruption away from the President, and more towards Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration, and even intelligence agencies who appear to have been working for the Democrats, the House revealed that they are now shifting towards other means of impeaching the President!

In fact, Democrats have expanded their investigations into hotel guests at Trump properties, as they claim that there is ‘near raw bribery’ involved!

Politico reported that

House investigators are looking into an allegation that groups — including at least one foreign government — tried to ingratiate themselves to President Donald Trump by booking rooms at his hotels but never staying in them.

It’s a previously unreported part of a broad examination by the House Oversight Committee, included in Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, into whether Trump broke the law by accepting money from U.S. or foreign governments at his properties.

“Now we’re looking at near raw bribery,” said Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), a House Oversight Committee member who chairs the subcommittee with jurisdiction over Trump’s hotel in Washington. “That was the risk from Day One: foreign governments and others trying to seek favor because we know Trump pays attention to this. … It’s an obvious attempt to curry favor with him.”

The investigation began after the committee received information that two entities — a trade association and a foreign government — booked a large quantity of rooms but used only a fraction of them, according to a person familiar with the allegation who isn’t authorized to speak for the committee.

Democrats are now claiming that the President “COULD HAVE” broken the law by accepting money from governments, being foreign or domestic, at any of his properties!

Rep. Ro Khanna, (D-CA) stated…

“If true, at minimum, this suggests there is a culture of corruption that the administration has created. There’s a sense that to curry favor you have to engage in pay to play. That’s exactly what the American people hate about Washington.”

Last month, President Trump told reporters…

“I have a lot of hotels all over the place, and people, they use them because they’re the best.”

Meanwhile, Politico noted that the Democrats have already investigated the claims, however, they have not unearthed anything that shows that those claims are valid, or even noteworthy! Politico wrote…

“Trump already faces lawsuits alleging he violated the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign officials at his resorts and hotels. His company donated nearly $200,000 to the U.S. Treasury in February that it said came from profits from foreign governments, but watchdog groups say the amount should be higher.”

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the President does, what he says, or even if he has actually committed a crime or not! They have turned our government into a three-ring-circus, as they have cut Republicans from calling witnesses, silenced them during impeachment inquiry proceedings, and now as they seem to think that our nation should be a one-party dictatorship, they have proven to be on a seek and destroy mission to eradicate anyone who dares to drain their cesspool swamp. Especially President Trump!