By: Brian Evans

Just when it seems that leftists cannot possibly go any nuttier, or even more despicable, one radical seems to have gone nuts, as she said that even if we bombed Russia, killing everyone, it wouldn’t be enough! She said that…

“We must eat the babies”!

Via Tucker Carlson:

Amazingly, although AOC didn’t express her open support for the lunatic’s call for murder and cannibalism of babies, she didn’t condemn it, or even disagree with it either!

Apparently, with some on the left, having the Democrats call for infanticide, embracing the destruction of our nations and world’s economy, and decimating a majority of the population of the world, as well as enslaving it isn’t enough either! She believes whole-heartedly that we must eat the most precious gifts from God, to make her feel better about herself, in regards to her political beliefs!