By: Brian Evans

As the Democrats continue to try and paint Republicans as the Party of hate, the Party of racism, and the Party of Fascism, if one is to look at the evidence, that evidence shows a much different story!

This past week, OANN reported

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib said only African Americans should operate facial recognition software because non-black people think they all look the same. She made those remarks to Detroit’s police chief, while touring the department’s Real Time Crime Center on Monday.

However, African American Police Chief James Craig responded by saying he trusts people who are trained regardless of race or gender.

OANN added that…

When asked to clarify if she meant white people aren’t qualified for the position, Tlaib struggled to explain. She fumbled in her response, saying she “thinks” there have actually been studies showing “it’s hard” for African Americans and  Latinos to be accurately identified using the technology.

A spokesperson for the Michigan representative attempted to clarify her comments by pointing to a study conducted by a group of psychologists at Memorial University of Newfoundland.  The study suggested those using facial recognition technology better identify members of their own race.

However, Rep. Tlaib (D-MI) has repeatedly attacked members of the Jewish community, using racist statements, and anti-Semitic remarks! In addition, she has made repeatedly racist remarks about white people as well!

Breitbart News reported

Tlaib believes that the State of Israel has no right to exist and should be dismantled — a stance that lost her the support of the far-left J Street organization, which likes to maintain the pretense of support for a two-state solution.
In January, Tlaib posted an antisemitic tweet, declaring that members of Congress who supported Israel “forgot what country they represent.” The American Jewish Committee accused her of using an antisemitic claim of “dual loyalty.”

In February, Tlaib called Housing and Urban Development official Lynne Patton, a black woman, a “prop” for appearing in the gallery during a hearing where members of Congress were debating whether Trump was racist.

In May, Tlaib made the bizarre statement that she felt “a calming feeling … when I think of the Holocaust.” She explained by making the false claim that Palestinians had offered Jews a “safe haven” from the Holocaust.

Rashida Tlaib has made countless headlines, with her anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-rational statements and actions! Headlines like…

Even a viral video had resurfaced of the radical member of the ‘squad’, where she has shown herself to be one of the insane and radical lunatics who have been drug out of a rally, or in her case, a meeting with business leaders, during his 2016 campaign at the Detroit Economic Club!

Fox News reported that

Video of the August 2016 incident, which has gone viral since resurfacing over the weekend, shows the current congresswoman shouting as then-candidate Trump delivered a speech before business leaders. While being escorted out of the room, she continued to jump and yell at those in attendance.

“You guys are crazy!” Tlaib can be heard shouting. Someone off-camera can be heard responding, “You’re an animal, get a job!”

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib has been calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump from the day she was elected.

She said it to her supporters after her election as she called the president a “m**herf**ker” and promised her son she would impeach him.

That is a promise she has not kept as she does not have the authority on her own to do it but that continues to be her goal.

Fox News continued…

Of course, she went on to get a job representing her district in Congress, but at the time she was working as a public interest attorney at the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice. Prior to that, she was a representative in the Michigan state legislature until she had to leave due to term limits, having lost a bid for state Senate.

After the outburst, Tlaib explained herself in a guest column for the Detroit Free Press, where she said she interrupted the event along with “12 other brave women” because “confronting Trump was the most patriotic and courageous act I could pursue.” She said she drew inspiration from bold women like Rosa Parks.

Tlaib acknowledged the criticism against her for acting in a way “unbecoming of a former state legislator,” but defended her behavior by saying Trump did not deserve “courteous behavior” or “social niceties.” That attitude was later reflected when Tlaib, after entering Congress, vowed to “impeach the motherf—–.”

After the interruption at the 2016 event, Trump could be seen standing quietly until things began to settle down. He then quipped, “I will say, the Bernie Sanders people had far more energy and spirit.”

The network concluded that…

He’s not so reserved now that Tlaib and fellow freshman Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley are in Congress. Trump started a firestorm earlier this month by tweeting that those lawmakers should “go back” where they came from, fix things and return to “show us how it’s done” — even though most of his intended targets were born in America. Trump has spent the last week battling with critics who accused him of stoking racial tensions with the remarks.

Therefore today, America is at a crossroad, as the radical leftist Democrat Party has succumbed to those who truly HATE AMERICA, AND EVERYTHING AMERICA REPRESENTS! They hate the freedoms that the nation grants to ‘We the People’! They hate that the power is in the hands of common men and women in America, rather than in the hands of a bunch of Elitist Political hacks! They hate that the wealth isn’t in their hands, but resides in the pockets of the common men and women in America!

Therefore, we can thank God that he has allowed us to have President Trump, who is proving to be a strong voice of opposition in Washington. Sadly, too many Democrats have either joined in with, succumbed to, or have embraced the vile, ruthless, and racist ideology known as Marxism, that the Democrat Party is now not only embracing but pushing on America as a whole!