By: Brian Evans

As Democrats push for open borders and call for increased immigration to the United States, new evidence demonstrates that Hispanic American’s don’t share their enthusiasm! In fact, the Albuquerque Journal wrote

Michaela Chavez is a former Democrat who says she’s been a supporter of Donald Trump from Day One.

She likes how his administration is handling the economy and feels he’s negotiating better trade deals for the country.

And when it comes to immigration, the Albuquerque resident supports the president’s desire to build a wall on the Mexican border.

“I’m all for immigration, as long as it is done the right way,” she said.

Chavez is convinced Trump is building a better future for her family.

The Journal added that Chavez…

urged those in attendance to retweet the president’s tweets, or those of the campaign or the Republican Party.

“Choose your weapon … Snapchat or Instagram,” he said. “Volunteer on our website. Get training. … This is about a huge grass-roots movement to save our country.”

He would seem to have eager volunteers in Marcella Trujillo Melendez and Ernie Salazar.

“The most important thing to me is that I believe he truly loves America,” Melendez said. “I believe that he knows his job. His job is to put America first. He’s not the president of the world.”

Like Chavez, Melendez believes Trump is doing “a bang-up job” on the economy.

Salazar agrees.

“Hispanic unemployment is at a historical low,” he said. “African American unemployment is at a historic low. He’s taking care of people of color. If you look in a box of crayons, you’ll see a white crayon, too.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Hispanics matched its record low of 4.2% in August. The unemployment rate for African American workers fell to an all-time low of 5.5%. But the overall African American participation in the job market, 58%, is lower than it was in March 2000, when it was 61.4%.

Other Hispanic voters said that they were backing him on illegal immigration, building a wall, and using the reduced illegal alien population so American wages would increase!

Melendez added that…

“The most important thing to me is that I believe he truly loves America. I believe that he knows his job. His job is to put America first. He’s not the president of the world.”

Breitbart News reported that…

Poll after poll has found that though Hispanic Americans continue to vote by a majority for Democrats, especially those who were born outside the U.S., they side with Trump on the key issue of immigration — that is, they want less immigration, not more, and do not believe American taxpayers should be subsidizing illegal immigration.

For example, the latest Harvard/Harris Poll found that Hispanic Americans, along with black Americans, are vastly opposed to plans put forward by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and former Vice President Joe Biden to increase overall immigration to the U.S.

When ranked, Hispanic Americans listed increasing immigration as their second most unpopular issue, which would make them less likely to vote for a presidential candidate.

On the most extreme open borders plans endorsed by many elected Democrats, such as giving illegal aliens the right to vote, Hispanic Americans opposed the initiative by a majority of 73 percent.

Even with mainstream Democrat policies like providing taxpayer-funded welfare benefits to illegal aliens, temporary foreign visa workers, and legal immigrants who have yet to obtain green cards, Hispanic Americans align themselves with Trump.

majority of 56 percent of Hispanic Americans said they support denying green cards to legal immigrants who are found to be a burden on taxpayers because of their use of welfare. Another 65 percent of Hispanic Americans said illegal aliens should not be allowed to take welfare.

With his agenda of less immigration and increased border controls, Trump won more Hispanic Americans in the 2016 election than failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney did in 2012. For the first time in U.S. history, due to immigration, Hispanic Americans are set to outpace black Americans as the largest voting minority in the 2020 presidential election.

Then, in another Breitbart News article, they noted that……

An annually released report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates that that illegal population living in the U.S. has risen nearly two million in two years, now standing at about 14.3 million illegal aliens.

That means that with 14.3 million illegals in America, it is costing the taxpayers around $132 Billion dollars EVERY YEAR!

They went on to point out that…

FAIR analysts fault the increase in illegal aliens to an unsecured southern border, growing sanctuary city policies, widespread available U.S. jobs with no nationwide E-Verify mandate, an increase in social welfare programs, exploitable asylum laws, and the ongoing promise of amnesty by GOP and Democrat lawmakers.

The rise in the illegal population, FAIR analysts find, means illegal aliens are costing American taxpayers nearly $132 billion every year. That fiscal burden to Americans is set to grow even larger without major immigration-reducing reforms, according to the study.

“Unless the federal government takes meaningful action to eliminate the incentives that fuel illegal immigration, the total number of illegal aliens residing in the United States could surge to over 21 million by 2025, at a cost of nearly $200 million, annually,” FAIR analysts project.

The FAIR study is among many that have attempted to estimate the illegal population living in the U.S. Researchers from Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have estimated an illegal population of 22 million, while Pew Research Center regularly cites an illegal population of 11 to 12 million.

As noted previously, the FAIR study confirms that the illegal population is largely concentrated in six states: California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois — four of which are sanctuary states where criminal illegal aliens are shielded from deportation.

Ultimately, illegal aliens are not only an issue of American safety, but they are a financial burden, as well as, an issue of American sovereignty! After all, a nation without borders, cannot be a nation!

Today, illegal immigration has taken millions of American jobs, which costs the United States taxpayers in multiple ways! First, it takes American jobs, leaving families on the unemployment line, and costs the taxpayers millions! Secondly, being employers hire illegal aliens for jobs, they pay them at extremely low wages, causing the pay rate for American workers to drop down! Add into the mix, the fact that most illegal aliens end up on food stamps, welfare, housing, etc.! As a result, the American taxpayers are left on the hook for more than 132 Billion yearly, in addition to their paychecks being much, much lower!

Breitbart added that…

Extensive research by economist George Borjas and analyst Steven Camarota reveals that the country’s current mass legal immigration system burdens working and middle class Americans while redistributing about $500 billion in wealth every year to major employers and newly arrived immigrants. Similarly, immigration keeps wages low for employers and stagnant for employees.

For every one-percent increase in the immigrant portion of American workers’ occupations, their weekly wages are cut by about 0.5 percent, Camarota finds. This means the average native-born American worker today has his weekly wages reduced by perhaps 8.75 percent.

Today, as almost 18% of America’s workforce is composed of foreign-born workers, and those numbers are expected to nearly double in the next five years, begging the question…how badly will it hurt the average middle class and poor American’s pocketbooks?