By: Brian Evans

In 2016, President Trump lost the Democrat stronghold of Minnesota by a mere 44,000 votes!

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Now, in that traditionally blue region, President Trump has been making inroads, as he has pushed for and been winning on American pride, border security, the economy, and putting Americans First, especially the American workers!

Meanwhile, Minnesota workers, and especially their mining towns have seen the Democrat Party leaving them, and Republicans under President Trump becoming the Party of the American workers! Minnesota citizens point close to home, where Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has threatened their very way of life, as well as, the Democrats policies, as a whole. In fact, even CNN pointed out how Minnesota is likely to turn red in 2020!

Via: Trump Patriot

It exposes yet another sign, as to how President Trump is truly Making America Great Again, and why he will likely win the 2020 election, especially when considering the radically left-wing anti-American policies and promises that the field of Democrat candidates are promising to implement if Americans dare to elect them into power!