By: Brian Evans

It was reported on Wednesday, by the Gateway Pundit, how a ‘Trans-Feminist’ Vegan group has produced a video, demonstrating how they are now separating their female hens from their roosters, due to the fact that the roosters will rape the female hens, without the hen’s consent!

The GP reported that…

Almas Veganas, a transfeminist vegan group from Spain, recently released a video where they argue that hens should be separated from roosters who are out to rape them without consent.

This is the modern-day left in the West — complete crackpots.

The activists have concerns about the hens’ abilities to consent.

Worse yet… They take themselves seriously.

They went on to note how the National File reported that…

Almas Veganas, a vegan group from Girona, Spain, are an anti-speciesist and transfeminist group who were recently seen in a viral video separating hens from cockerels and smashing eggs because they didn’t ‘want the hens to be raped.’

The group from the north-east of Spain, in Catalonia, surprised social media users with their actions but expressed a desire to prevent the hens from being subjected to rape from the cockerels.

They also pointed to issues concerning the hens’ abilities to consent.

According to the Daily Mail:

The vegans add: ‘The hens do not want to be mounted and always try to escape. They are sometimes seriously injured by the cocks’ claws as well.’

Video Via RT…

It seems the radical left, has no boundaries, in regards to the insanity that they seem to embrace! Next, we will probably hear left-wing loons preach about how we need to pull male animals of all kind, out of nature, and get the female animals consent, before allowing the males to propagate, or be subject to liability suits!