By: Brian Evans

Democrats must be shaking in their shoes, as President Trump was able to not only hold a fundraiser in California, but he was forced to do so in secret, as to avoid radical, hateful, and threatening leftists, who swore vengeance on anyone who dared to support the President in Hollywood, CA.

In fact, on Tuesday, President Trump was forced to meet at a top-secret location with California campaign donors for a donor luncheon, after Hollywood leftists threatened to have anyone in California who dared donate to the Trump campaign blacklisted, and never be allowed to act in Tinseltown! In addition, there had been multiple threats, as left-wing criminals and terrorists warned those who attend the meeting with the President!

However, their threats and anti-American rhetoric didn’t seem to work, as President Trump was still able to hold his campaign fundraiser, and not only was his fundraiser a massive success in California, but he was able to outraise 2020 Democrat Candidate Kamala Harris, whose home state happens to be California! Even more troubling for Democrats is that President Trump raised $15 million in donations in ONE DAY, compared to Kamala Harris, who it took her three months to raise $12 million dollars, and THAT WAS NATIONWIDE!

Via Dan Bongino.