By: Brian Evans

Ironically, as the left claims to fight for the rights of women and girls, they are actually fighting to suppress those very same women and girls, in the name of equality!

In fact, Infowars revealed that…

Female students at a school in the UK were prevented by officials and police from attending class because they refused to comply with a new “gender neutral” uniform policy.

Around 100 students protested outside the gates of Priory School in Lewes in response to a letter sent at the end of the summer advising they would be mandated to wear trousers at all times.

The school claimed that the policy change was put in place to “address inequality,” and be “inclusive,” but students and parents were outraged.

Now, as the left continues on their war on women, in the name of feminism or gender equality, Democrats and their allies have created the worst and most unequal environment for women and young girls. For example…

  • women are now being discriminated against for dressing like women and girls!
  • women are now being discriminated for their looks by left-wing companies, as they want them to be non-gendered, transexual, or even obese, in order to model for them!
  • women’s sports are now discriminating against females by forcing them to allow biological males to compete and steal their success!
  • women are now, more than ever, in danger of rape and assault, because they have to share restrooms with men who simply have to state that they identify as a woman, even though they have a penis, testosterone, etc.!
  • and many other ways!

Sadly, it will get worse, as women come to realize that they are, more and more, being discriminated against and mistreated by the radical left, and all in the name of their Marist and Socialist ideology, which goes hand in hand!

The girls at Sussex Secondary School, sadly are just one example, of how the radical left has declared war on women! However, these girls proudly and honorably, have chosen to protest the discrimination being leveled against themselves, and demand that they are given truly equal rights, as they protest outside their school with signs reading “choice”, and demanding that the school allow them to dress like young women, rather than non-gendered!

Sadly, it will get worse, as these Sussex Secondary School girls may be brave and stuck to their morals and rights to be women are just the beginning! Now, women must work to join in with the REAL WOMEN’S RIGHTS MOVEMENT and fight against a ‘Pseudo-Women’s Rights Movement’ whose agenda is more about the Democrat’s Marxist agenda, which targets men, women, or anyone who dares defy their agenda, rather than looking out for the rights of women!