By: Brian Evans

On August 28th, Hermelindo Lorenzo Guapillo-Chavaria, who is an illegal alien living under a false name, was charged with SIXTEEN COUNTS of child molestation in Sedalia, Missouri! Fortunately, because Missouri isn’t a Sanctuary State, he had an ICE detainer placed upon him.


KSIS reported:

Sedalia Police arrested a 33-year-old man on multiple charges of child molestation and rape on Wednesday, Aug. 28 in the 2400 block of South Limit.

Hermelindo Lorenzo Guapillo-Chavaria was charged with 16 charges, including 10 counts of 1st degree child molestation, two counts of statutory sodomy, and one count each of 1st degree statutory sodomy, 1st degree statutory rape, 1st degree endangering the welfare of a child, and abuse of a child resulting in serious emotional injury.

Once fingerprints were obtained from Guapillo-Chavaria, it was discovered that his true identity is Alejandro Alcala-Ayala, born April 9, 1986.

The prosecutor has also filed additional charges of three counts of 1st degree child molestation, three counts of statutory sodomy and two counts of statutory rape.

The ‘United States Illegal Alien Crime Report’ shows that this is just one example of the massive problem that is pervading our nation, as illegals are being charged with assaulting and murdering police officers, American citizens, and the young boys and girls of our nation! In addition, it shows how the drug cartels have used illegals as mules, to bring drugs into America, and are poisoning the American people!