By: Brian Evans

As the American people mourned the loss of thousands of Americans, who gave their lives, due to ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’, CNN decided to jump into the debate, by attacking Conservatives, and saying that those who fight for our Constitutional principles are “America’s Deadliest Terrorists”, and that they have “striking similarities between the KKK and Islamic Jihadis”!

The Gateway Pundit reported

On the anniversary of 9-11 attacks where Islamic terrorists hijacked airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and into a field in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 Americans, CNN is attacking ‘right wingers.’

This is disgusting.

As CNN was spewing anti-American propaganda, the chyron read, “America’s 9/11 Amnesia.”

“The striking similarities between the KKK and Islamist jihadis,” CNN said.

Sadly, this is the depths that CNN has now reached, as it exposes exactly why President Trump has called CNN, and much of the Mainstream Media, “the enemy of the American people.”

Interestingly, if CNN did their own research, or maybe cared enough to learn the truth, they would realize that Conservatives stand for everything that radical Islamic terrorists hate! Maybe, they would learn that it is not the Republicans who were members of the KKK, but instead, it was the Democrats! In fact, it was the Democrats who opposed Civil Rights, opposed an end to slavery, suppressed black voices at the ballot box, created slums, which became the new plantations, etc.!

Sadly, the Democrat Party over the years has become the party that has encouraged illegal immigration, embraced homosexuality, transgendered Americans, Muslim resettlement into the United States, sharia law which is incompatible with the Constitution, progressive-socialism, liberalism, gun control, abortion, infanticide, redistribution of income, socialized healthcare, and unions. It has been touted as the “party of inclusion;” however, this narrative has been one that has begun to fall apart in recent months, and has proven not to be truly ‘inclusive.’ In fact, despite Democrats being truly the party of the Ku-Klux-Klan, the Party who fought against the freedom of slaves, and the Party who fought against giving blacks the right to vote, they have been able to spin their web of lies in a well-done manipulation of the facts. A manipulation that has accused Republicans, and especially conservatives, of being the very force of hatred that they have themselves enacted, and continue to enact upon our society.

Carol Swain with Prager U, shows the history of the Democrat Party. She shows how the Democrat Party founded the KKK and fought against EVERY SINGLE MAJOR CIVIL RIGHTS ACT in United States History.

Most American’s would think that the Democrat Party, being the so-called party of non-discrimination would be against judging American’s, based on the color of their skin. You would think, as Martin Luther King proclaimed: we should look at the “content of one’s character”. However, in truth, the Democrat Party has long been the party of deception, lies, bigotry, cynicism, hate, and greed. They proclaim Republicans to be racist, but it was the Republican’s under Lincoln who freed the slaves. Democrats claim to be the Party of Civil Rights, but it was the Republicans who voted unanimously for virtually every single Civil Rights piece of legislation, while Democrats voted unanimously against every piece of Civil Rights legislation. Even today, Democrats fight for legislation that keeps black Americans trapped in a cycle of poverty. Now, in a twist of irony, the Democrats fight for racism against whites. They fight for ‘white racism’ to push for an increased division in our country. They try to pit man against woman, black against white, legal citizen against an illegal alien, old against young, rich against poor, and left against right. They are trying to break America apart, and picks a fight within our country that results in a backlash against our Constitutional Republic. You can see it with ‘Antifa’, as the pro-Progressive Communists youth march through our streets covered in masks, just as communists of the past. You can see it in the fact that the Democrats cry ‘racist’ for our President trying to enforce the laws of our nation. Democrats call for a ‘resistance’ against giving hard working American’s tax cuts. Democrats call for a ‘resistance’ against allowing Christians to practice freely without persecution. Democrats intentionally embrace Sharia law, despite its incompatibility with our Constitution. Democrats call for ‘resistance’ against allowing American’s the right to a ‘free press’, or ‘right to bear arms’, or the ‘right to be innocent until proven guilty.’ Democrats demonize our Constitution, call our Founding Fathers racist, and criticize anyone who dares to question the burning of our flag, tearing down of monuments, destruction of history, or the showing disrespect to our national anthem or our military, who put their lives on the line for us every day.

Today, it should go without saying that people should get jobs based on merit, not based on the color of their skin. Furthermore, it is the Democrat Party, who have proven to be the ‘Party of Racism’ time and time again. Therefore, in the end, as the Republicans try to implement an agenda that benefits all Americans, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, or any other identifying factor, Democrats continue to try to scuttle the efforts, in their best attempt to try to try to hide the truth about their Party’s dark, racist, and deceptive past, as they prove to be the party of hate, bigotry, and racism. However, now they take cover by trying to project their own bigotry upon anyone who dares question their true motives! They project hate against anyone who seems to gain traction against their Elitist agenda, and they project racism against anyone who dares fight against them successfully by garnering support from their own base, including Blacks, Hispanics, Women, or anyone who proves to be incredulous, and begins  to turn against thier platform, their motives, their agenda, or tries to expose their hidden dark past, present, and future intentions for America and the American people!